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Dynamics Business Central and Power BI

Business Central and Power BI for the smarter decision-making process

Power BI in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is used for smarter and faster decision making process with real-time precision and insight about your business financial and operational performance. Save time and money with pre-populated datasets and dashboards which can be easily added across all your devices. PowerBI allows you to connect to many data sources and brings your business data to life.

Power BI is a market leader in business analytics and reporting that helps businesses to visualise data and make smarter operational and financial performance decisions. Power BI has a simple to use centralised interface with powerful features that connect across all departments and devices for real-time decision making.



What’s Next?


Many companies are unaware of the tremendous potential of a well implemented ERP solution. But do you know a well executed ERP could give you an ROI of up to 1000%!

However, before you commit to such a project you need to answer some important questions:

  • What is the expected Return on Investment? 5x or 50x?
  • What is the payback time? Six months or three years?
  • What are the risks? And can they be mitigated?
  • Can it even be done?

To help you with answers we offer a Proof of Concept and a tailored demo free of charge.

Please download our Proof of Concept guyde for more information.

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