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UK PSTN Calling Plans now available

Features and Pricing

Skype for Business Plan 1

Skype for Business Plan 2

User/month (annual commitment)
Price does not include VAT
£1.50 £4.20
Join on any device PC/Mac, Tablet or Phone (iOS, Android & Windows)
Join anonymously from web browser or free mobile apps
HD video calling to Skype for Business users and consumer Skype users
Share your presentation and transfer control to other meeting participant
Presence and group IM
Transfer files in IM
Record meetings and remote desktop sharing and whiteboard support
Integration with Outlook for scheduling meetings
Group HD video and audio calling for up to 250 people
Advanced meeting options including Polls and Q&A
Additional Options
Cloud PBX
PSTN Capability using Microsoft PSTN Calling service or existing on-premises PSTN Connectivity
Make, receive, and transfer business calls in the office, at home, or on the road using phone, PC or mobile
Not available £6.00
(per user/month)
PSTN Domestic Calling Plan
Including 1,200 Domestic Minutes (mobile and landline)
Not available £9.05
(per user/month)
PSTN Domestic and International Calling Plan
Including 600 International Minutes & 1,200 Domestic Minutes (mobile and landline)
Not available £18.10
(per user/month)
PSTN International Conferencing Plan
Dial in Domestic & International Conferencing for up to 250 users
Not available £3.02
(per user/month)

Meeting Broadcast

Reach up to 10,000 attendees for webinars or very large meetings. No need for a specific plan or add-on because it’s included. Attendees can join from virtually any browser or device.

Dial-in Conferencing

Participants can join the Skype meeting using a dial-in number. You can also dial out directly to a landline to invite someone on the fly. Participants don’t need the Skype app. Domestic minutes are unlimited.

Video and Content Sharing

Share content and video in real time with Skype for Business. It’s fast, offers HD video-based screen sharing, no matter where you are or which device you use. Take advantage of Office 365’s co-authoring feature to enhance team productivity.

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