Our Licensing Consulting Services for Microsoft Cloud are designed to tailor the most efficient cloud solution, monitor and manage your running costs.

365Solutions will help you to make significant savings and make further investments in technology.



We help you to understand your infrastructure need, guide you through the steps to migrate into the cloud, assessing financial investment required for move to the cloud


Pay for what you use, save time and investment cost. Multiple payment options to meet your business requirements.


Subscription Management

We analyze your current cloud and subscription usage, advising on how to improve your cloud development and drive the cost down.

With 365Solutions’s expertise you can cut operational costs up to 30%

on Microsoft Cloud Subscription fees by switching billing to us

as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider(CSP)

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Licensing calculator

Compare the price when you purchase from 365Solutions rather than direct from Microsoft

Switch to Microsoft CSP Program

Step 1

Authorize 365Solutions
as your Microsoft Partner
via this link

Step 2

365Solutions adds
the required licenses to your
existing Office 365 tenant

Step 3

365Solutions cancels
billing on old licenses
purchased via Microsoft


1. What is CSP program?
Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program allows Microsoft partners own the customer lifecycle and relationship end-to-end i.e. set the price, terms and directly bill customers, directly provision and manage subscriptions, attach value-added services and be the first point of contact for customer support

2. How long does it take to switch to Office 365 CSP program?
No longer than 15 min

3. How will new invoice look like?
Please see the sample here

4. What happens if Microsoft has already billed our credit card up front?
On the switch date, Microsoft will refund unused service days back to your credit card

5. Do I need to change the Office 365 Portal?
You will not require changing the portal and continue using the same portal

6. How frequent is invoicing?
Monthly or Annually

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