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Managed Office 365 Support

Microsoft Office 365 is helping businesses everywhere streamline their processes and increase productivity. But what do you do when you need support for Office 365? Not all companies can create an IT cell just for Office 365 support or divert resources of the existing IT cell for the same. When you need customised managed Office 365 support, we have the solutions for you.

Starting at the beginning, we help you to find the right plan for your company’s specific needs and functions. We also provide expert support when you need it no matter what the problem might be. Our fully trained staff will deliver results every time, helping your business continue to run smoothly and without disruption in processes.

Services we offer for Office 365 Support in the UK and Ireland

With our Managed Office 365 Support, we help your business use the software for maximum benefit.

The services we offer include:


24 X 7 support

We have a team of fully trained staff that are available to you 24×7 to offer all the support you need with Office 365. We take your questions and provide useful and actionable solutions.

Dedicated support

As part of our contract, you will be assigned a representative from us who are fully dedicated to managing your account. Our executive will work directly with your tech team to effectively complete projects and overcome and tech problems.

Quick response

Because we take immediate action to solve any problem you have with Office 365, we reduce your downtime considerably. Time saved on solving operational problems is time spent doing relevant tasks.

Regular reviews

We review your Office 365 platform at regular intervals and assist with any updates and new features that will help your business. We also provide training to keep your employees up to date with all that is new in Office 365.

Maximized use of Office 365

With our guidance and assistance, you will be able to use all the features of the Office 365 platform to their maximum potential. Our services will help you gain the best return on your investment in Office 365.

Ongoing assistance

For the entire duration of our contract with you, we will be committed to helping you plan for the future of your business. We analyse the best tools and services of Office 365 that your company can benefit from in the future.

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365Solutions provides one of the best all-around Managed Office 365 Support for the UK and Ireland. Get in touch with our experts today to know more!

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