Managed Office 365 Support

Let us focus on your updates, security and performance, while you take care of growing up your business. You get our support every time you need it.

Managed Office 365 Support

A properly managed cloud environment has the potential to give our clients much of its benefits with very little downside. Finding the time, right expertise, and enough resources to manage their clouds in efficiently and effectively, the reality can be very different than the expectations.

Our Managed Office 365 Support not only design, advise and secure high-performing services for the cloud, we also keep track of, manage, and support our clients by ensuring that service levels are continuously improving whilst minimizing costs accordingly, leaving you to concentrate more on your business.

The need for corporate security is critical in today’s digital world. Yet for many companies, providing the required funds and finding the necessary skills can be challenging and not a priority. Don’t get left behind! With more than a decade of experience and professional expertise in giving managed services and safekeeping client data, 365Solutions can provide the best security, on-flow IT management and solutions that will match your needs.

Services we offer for Managed Office 365 Support 

With our Managed Office 365 Support, we help your business use the software for maximum benefit.


24 X 7 support

We have a team of fully trained staff that are available to you 24×7 to offer all the support you need with Office 365. We take your questions and provide useful and actionable solutions.

Dedicated support

As part of our contract, you will be assigned a representative from us who are fully dedicated to managing your account. Our executive will work directly with your tech team to effectively complete projects and overcome and tech problems.

Quick response

Because we take immediate action to solve any problem you have with Office 365, we reduce your downtime considerably. Time saved on solving operational problems is time spent doing relevant tasks.

Regular reviews

We review your Office 365 platform at regular intervals and assist with any updates and new features that will help your business. We also provide training to keep your employees up to date with all that is new in Office 365.

Maximized use of Office 365

With our guidance and assistance, you will be able to use all the features of the Office 365 platform to their maximum potential. Our services will help you gain the best return on your investment in Office 365.

Ongoing assistance

For the entire duration of our contract with you, we will be committed to helping you plan for the future of your business. We analyse the best tools and services of Office 365 that your company can benefit from in the future.

Security is our priority

How reliable is your security? How prepared are you to detect, avoid or recover from an unexpected incident? Like a lot of the businesses we speak to, you might only have an inkling of what to do because you do not have the time, or expertise to diagnose the problem and ultimately, to fix it. Don’t wait until you become a target of anonymous attacks, to realise that the loss of emails, communications, files and documents or even information of your own clients and projects will be incalculable. So, let our experts look after your online security before it is compromised.

365Solutions can assist you like no other


If you have a problem that needs to be fixed quickly, we can help! With our Managed Office 365 Support, talk to us immediately should things go wrong. You will be assisted by a member of our team any time of day, seven days a week. We will gather our specialists, collaborate with vendors on your behalf, diagnose the issue and help you fix the issue as fast as possible.

We are committed to serve

We trust people who work for us; we count on their dedicated performance. With Microsoft vendor assurance, our wholly-accredited consultancy and sales teams are committed to providing you service with the highest standards. We guarantee professionalism and expertise that is fully vetted and continuously kept up-to-date. This is vital when it comes to managing projects linked with today’s complicated IT environments which combine various software and hardware from different suppliers – we provide the link to get to everything working together smoothly. 

365Solutions provides its customers with a wide range of expertise – initial assessment, diagnosis, configuration, delivery, migration, training, systems development and optimisation, software licenses and maintenance, hardware infrastructure design and delivery, administration, budget management, project coordination, backup and much, much more – you pick and choose how much or how little you want. We can create a customised support package for you depending on how much you want to spend. You prioritise the issues that are important to you and we provide the support to match.  

Our engineers not only supervise the client’s operating system, networks, storage and computing, but also the stacks of application and complex tools which operate within that infrastructure. From e-commerce platforms to the latest database systems, including DevOps automation tools, our managed support allows every customer to select which IT task it wants to manage themselves in-house while trusting us to do the rest.

Save your company’s costs

Having a full-time in-house IT department can be expensive and unnecessary for small to medium-scale businesses running basic networks. Outsourcing to a cloud-managed services provider like 365Solutions can save you thousands each year – you control the services you need and optimise your expenditure accordingly expenses.

For more information, read more about every one of our services or better yet, speak to one of our advisers now.

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