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The Azure cloud platform is more than 600 products and cloud services designed to help you bring new solutions to life—to solve today’s challenges and create the future. 


365Solutions are experts in Microsoft Azure cloud computing and will help transform your business. Our skilled Microsoft Azure Specialists provide on-site and cloud supported infrastructure to make your systems more flexible and responsive. We are committed to help you improve service delivery to your clients and provide better returns for your shareholders.

365Solutions will help tailor the right package for you. Our competitive Microsoft Azure cloud computing packages come with no contract commitments or prescribed minimums, you only pay for what you use. Using the Microsoft Azure Pricing Calculator, you know exactly what services you are paying for. We also give you the freedom to cancel at any time without any punitive penalties.

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We use Microsoft Azure’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering to manage your licenses through simplified billing and dedicated 24/7 support.

Microsoft Azure Pricing Calculator

With the Microsoft Azure Pricing Calculator, you can calculate your exact monthly bills. You can also monitor your current actual use and other costs within the Microsoft Azure portal.


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Azure Services: Compute, Storage and Identity

Microsoft Azure provides cloud services for accomplishing various tasks and functions across the IT spectrum and those services can be organized in several broad categories. There are services for different usage scenarios and a wide range of services that can be used as building blocks to create custom cloud solutions.

Compute and Networking Services

  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure RemoteApp
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Azure Virtual Networks
  • Azure ExpressRoute
  • Traffic Manager

Storage and Backup Services

  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Import/Export Service
  • Azure Backup
  • Azure Site Recovery

Identify and Access Management Services

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Azure Services: Apps, Data, and Media

Application Services

  • Web App
  • Azure App Services
  • Mobile App
  • API Apps
  • Logic Apps

Data and Analytics Services

      • SQL Database
      • HDInsight
      • Azure Redis Cache
      • Azure Machine Learning
      • DocumentDB
      • Azure Search

Media and Content Delivery Services

  • Azure Media Services
  • Azure CDN
  • Azure BizTalk Services
  • Azure Service Bus

Get a deeper understanding of Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure is one of the best platforms developed by Microsoft. It is an IT infrastructure and computing cloud-based platform to develop, spread, control and hosting the off-site applications. By using this, you can get the free-space to build and to deploy with your own tools, application or other application wherever your location is


What features of the Microsoft Azure can do?

Compute. A part of Microsoft Azure which has a function of the computing process, foreground, and background. This cloud-based application has computing tools like web role, worker role and virtual role to run the computing process smoothly.

Storage. Microsoft Azure has technology storage to support saving data process. Azure storage has a function of database saving process. This is only for the type of table, cloud and blob databases. Meanwhile, Microsoft Azure also provides the other storage system called SQL Azure which is a part of SQL server able to run on a cloud system.

Fabric. This is well-known as “the brain” of Microsoft Azure. This feature will be managed by Microsoft Azure Fabric controller to run the scheduling, resource allocation, and management process.

Microsoft has standardized its computing cloud-based platform on Representational State Transfer (REST) technology to ensure Microsoft Azure able to be integrated into another application by using HTTP Protocol.


What makes Microsoft Azure better than its competitors?

Resource Elasticity. This is a computing resource provided by Microsoft Azure to serve its user by providing a server worldwide. You can make resource adjustments needed in real time by an application running and you also can set the resource if needed on the peak time

Geo-aware. Microsoft Azure has run on the worldwide Microsoft data centre. This implementation is to connect its user to the nearest server to get the high connectivity technology and to know more resources accessed in a real time.


Five things that you need to know about Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has applied the trusted security system.

Microsoft Azure has cybersecurity standard of ISO 27018. It becomes a guarantee for its user to get security protection, private database management and able to put all the files on cloud computing to lost data prevention.

Microsoft Azure has a proven data centre management to give a trusted data security. This platform has been managed by Worldwide Network of Microsoft Managed Data Centers that available for 22 regions. The security control of data centre and Service Level Agreement (SLA) up to 99.95% or equal with downtime of 22 minutes in a month.  It ensures its users about the capability of Microsoft Azure to provide Cloud-Based IT Infrastructure for enterprises.

Microsoft Azure is an open-cloud service, flexibility, and transparency.

Microsoft Azure has supported all the operating systems, applications, programming languages, tools, frameworks and database management. This is the best part of Microsoft Azure for the user needs to know about the flexibility of an IT infrastructure process to your enterprises. Besides of those things, Microsoft Azure will provide a professional transparency service which is a transparency centre to review the code sources and to guarantee security system process of computing cloud services

By Microsoft Azure, user able to up the scalability.

Microsoft Azure has features of pay as you use, pay as you go and pay as you grow. These features provide for some of the enterprises that need a bigger scale of needs. Microsoft Azure offers this as the benefit offered to reduce the cost in building an IT Infrastructure to create an application with number of 10, 100 or 10 million users

You don’t need any additional coding to make an application with 10, 100 users. Because Microsoft Azure can be integrated with some of processor specification user by the apps based on the needs. You just need to pay some of the used features you need as you have an authority to scale the changes by the flexibility.

Microsoft Azure has an interoperability to reduce the cost significantly.

Interoperability is known as the communication system capability with another system, without any additional features or restrictions. Hybrid cloud owned by Microsoft Azure will become the best solution where the user can develop an on-premise application to cloud service. This feature will support the enterprises for the work efficiency. It might be considered for many companies using hybrid cloud to reduce the outcome of on-premise IT infrastructure building significantly for long-term and your enterprises’ needs.

Microsoft Azure supports the open standard and internet protocol such as HTTP, XML, SOAP and REST. This platform also has the feature of SKD that support programs of JAVA, PHP, Ruby and other applications which are used by the same program languages. Microsoft Azure also provides the powerful cloud disaster recovery and backup services to solve the data back-up.

Microsoft Azure is the best application for the best solution.

Microsoft Azure is the best solution application to facilitate 24/7 technical support, and security monitoring and round-the-clock. That makes this computing cloud-based platform trusted more than 66% of fortune 500 companies. This application also has an analytical services feature which includes machine learning, Cortana analytics, and stream analytics as business intelligence for you to make brilliant decisions, to increase the customer service assistance etc.

The other benefit of Microsoft Azure usages is easy to migrate database step-by-step, to appear the encrypt option and integrated with Microsoft Stack. With all the unlimited possibilities, Microsoft Azure becomes the best solution to a simple IT infrastructure management.


What services will we find in Microsoft Azure?

Web Hosting. This service provided by Microsoft Azure to make a website on the Microsoft infrastructure cloud. You can increase or even decrease the infrastructure features based on needs.

Virtual Machine. This feature makes you able to deploy windows server based virtual machine or Linux on the Microsoft data centre. Microsoft Azure provides plenty of virtual machine images or you can use your own creation.

Cloud Service. As a cloud-based platform, Microsoft Azure provides server cloud service where you can deploy and to run many of application on cloud technology.

Mobile Service. By this service, Microsoft Azure will provide the cloud infrastructure to develop mobile applications (Windows Phone, iOS, and HTML/ JavaScript ).

The other services provided by Microsoft Azure:

Network Services: Virtual Network, Traffic Manager, Data Transfers

App Services: Media Services, Active Directory, and BizTalk Services

Data Services: HD Insight, Storage, Recovery Manager, SQL Data Base, Back up and SQL Reporting


Pricing and Costs

As mentioned above, Microsoft Azure has features of pay as you use, pay as you go and pay as you grow. The price will be charged based on usage. It means that if an application uses for many services of Microsoft Azure, the cost will be counted on how many services you took. But anyway, Microsoft will offer a special rate for a long-term commitment of this service. order

If we look at the cloud pricing offered, an enterprise which considers taking this service should know how to manage the cloud system usage in to reduce or minimize the cos

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