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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Training

We provide two options for training solutions, through our bespoke online training solution, or via on-site Dynamics 365 Business Central training at a location of your choice. In general, our online solution provides the best balance, delivering highly effective training in a cost-effective package, and it brings other benefits too.



Online training can be delivered as best fits your schedule. From a complete session in a single day, or broken down into easily digestible, one-hour sessions that more easily fit into work schedules with minimal disruption. Trainees can work on that information before taking in new skills and knowledge at the next session. In our experience, this approach provides a more sustainable learning path for the majority of people.



Whether you need one-on-one or group training, we can deliver quickly and easily. Our online solution is flexible, offering tailored learning to meet your specific needs whether that means a single individual or a larger group.


Location Independent

Our online training solutions are accessible through an internet connection regardless of location. That of course reduces overall cost, but it can also solve internal training challenges. If you require Dynamics 365 Business Central training for individuals or groups located across numerous sites, they can all access the same online sessions from wherever they are. This reduces costs and speeds up training provision, eliminating the need to hold sessions at each site individually.

While we believe that online Dynamics 365 Business Central training provides the most effective option, we are also able to offer online Dynamics 365 Business Central training throughout Europe subject to a minimum of three days being booked.


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