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Software Audit Response

Take these essential steps today to safeguard your business

Are you worried about an impending software audit? Are you anxious about its implications on your organisation and your interests?

These essential steps can help you position your business in the most robust and secure position.

Step # 1: Be organised

In the coming weeks, you will get requests from your vendor’s auditor, which will necessitate going through a vast quantity of data. Your standard code of practice for such requests should include reviewing of audit clauses, noting and monitoring notice periods and checking for available leniency and leeway provisions. Get in touch with your vendor and inquire about signing an NDA before sending them the data regarding your IT environment.

Step # 2: Find leverage with necessary facts

Acquire adequate information about your present license landscape.

Review the prerequisites of software license yourself

Monitor your software utilisation, entitlement rights and license ownership to ascertain if any gaps exist. Don’t ignore the small print. You can then compare your report to that provided by your vendor. Our Software License Review Service can provide additional assistance whenever you require it to simplify the process.

Don’t be caught off-guard

Determine unmanaged or unidentified prerequisites and assets for software usage. Before transferring any data to your vendor or any third-party agents, completely validate your position. Our Asset Management Platform – powered by certified Software – can assist you in being well-prepared and well-informed at all times.

Minimise risks

Note that all the license grants are overviewed and ensure the correct utilisation of cost/metric application by the vendor. The final settlements can be greatly affected by these seemingly unimportant elements. Need another helping hand? We have helped our clients be responsive and well-prepared during an audit. Hear what they have to say!

Step # 3: Achieve best results through negotiations

There are a lot of ways to save costs. The best deals can be found on the vendor’s website, usually at the end of the year. Their current company objective can also affect the prices, such as if they are transferring to the cloud; they might be willing to give you discounts on other services. Also, ensure that if you are purchasing more, then you will be liable to get a better price. Carefully research the vendor’s products and make an informed decision.

We can help you negotiate a better deal for an ideal outcome.

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