Software License Review

Do you want to know more about software ownership?

If you are eager to progress towards an independent licensing examination or need asset management, we can help you ascertain what you own in certain terms. A 365Solutions Software License Review is a preliminary step towards achieving control over the license of your software estate.

Do you feel overwhelmed with the complexities concerning software licensing? We can help you make sense of it all.

An incomplete overview of your IT infrastructure makes it challenging to:

  • Establish software compliance
  • Demonstrate the procurement of software through cost-effective means
  • Ascertain unknown and unmanageable assets that are deployed in your IT environment
  • Indicate idle systems that waste operational resources
  • Make improvements in ROI of your Software investments
  • Take decisions regarding scale-on premises or shifting to the cloud
  • Meet federal regulatory standards

Our software license review will enable you to:

  • Identify migration and other consolidation opportunities
  • Highlight present or pending compliance threats
  • Align your IT objectives with your organisation
  • Gain visibility of your software compliance placement to engage key vendors
  • Improve investments concerning hardware and software through a comprehensive and accurate assessment of inventory and user data
  • Achieve equilibrium regarding optimisation of a system configuration at lower costs

Our valued customers get in touch with our software license review services to help them with:

An extensive inventory

Virtual environment outlook

Streamlined data collection


Product and licensing information

Mergers and acquisitions

Improvement of Business processes

Want to learn more about our Software License Review process?

Here is our 4-step approach:


This phase consists mainly of the data collection process and identification and inventory of software assets through careful and extensive mapping of license entitlements, inventory data and usage. This may also include if required, a questionnaire and interviews of key stakeholders to collect relevant and accurate information.


In this phase, we review and validate the combined data, analyse your prospective IT strategy, identify your current and past license agreements for improved optimisation of software investments ad provision of better recommendations and engagement considerations.


Pinpoint areas where software investment optimisation can improve compliance by identifying if you have the appropriate licenses for your present usage and deployment state to improve alignment between your business objectives.


We undertake the responsibility of periodic reviews of your software environment and IT framework to ensure better ROI and a direct course to achieve company objectives.

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