Benefits of choosing a right partner to work on cloud-related projects

Adapting to the cloud-related system is the new salient trend among business organizations to make business simpler and better. Organizations have witnessed considerable benefits of deploying cloud solutions which not only reduces the maintenance cost of tangible resources but also helps to do business globally with easy collaborations of users. So if you have decided to migrate your on-premises environment to a cloud platform, then your first and foremost job will be to look for the right partner for the transition. It is important to choose the right partner as you will be investing your valuable time, money and resources after cloud transition. Also, you will be moving your company’s sensitive database? to the cloud. Hence, do a detailed analysis while deciding on right cloud partners who are not only IT experts but can do risk management, change management and security management. Since the future of your business will be impacted by cloud transition.

Things to keep in mind before starting the migration to cloud platform:

1) First, decide why do you want to move your on-premises environment to cloud structure. Will, it benefits you and make your business more productive and prominent than before?

2) If the answer to the above question is yes, then the next job will be to access and determine your entire on-premises environment.

3) List down all the applications that you want to move to the cloud and estimate the cost and approximately how much time it might require.

4) Make a backup plan for critical data and resources and check if end users will get impacted during the migration or not.

5) Lastly, check for the right cloud partner who will analyze the entire process and will let you know about the migration method best suited to you regarding efficiency and cost. Finally, comes the proper execution of the entire process

Below mentioned are the crucial advantages for choosing the appropriate cloud partner:

  • Proficiency

A proficient cloud partner empowers your business with the proper fusion of technical expertise and service integrity and excellence. So you must ensure your cloud partner qualifies in both aspects.

  • Industrial Experience

You need to check on their industry-specific experiences. You can request them to show their past cloud projects which are specifically relevant to your industry. You might ask them to share their past successful projects, testimonials and if required you can have a word with one of their customers about their before and after migration experiences. The research about your cloud partner might time consuming, but it will be helpful for you in the long run.

  • Scopes and accessibility

If you run your business globally and have many important aspects to look after then, please explore your cloud partner’s record of managing migration projects of global scope.

  • Proper skills

If you check past cloud projects of your prospective migration partner, you should check for the planning, strategizing and executing skills in relevant projects. Make sure your transition partner comprises of certified and experienced experts whom you can trust for your business excellence, who can make significant backup plans and can simplify and manage obstacles.

  • Alignment with your business goals

Explain your current business needs and challenges and future goals to your cloud expert. He will know exactly where the cloud system can add up value to your business. A cloud advisor will also review your existing business plans and opt for the suitable plan so that no gaps are left in blending the cloud strategy with your existing business plans.

  • Financial Overviews

Migration to the cloud system is undoubtedly a complex and expensive process. To build a cost-effective business make sure your cloud partner makes a correct and well-suited plan perfectly well in advance to avoid failure caused in between the transition. Note all the challenging and risk-prone facts which might take place during the transition and can increase your cost unnecessarily. Ensure your transition expert makes a substantial plan for worst-case scenarios so that you can rely on those plans and make a movement.

  • Security management

Define your on-premises environment to your cloud partner. Ensure your technical experts build well-planned approach which will provide full security and privacy to your organization’s confidential resources and data.

  • After migration assistance

Finally, when the deployment of your cloud environment completed successfully then comes the phase of monitoring your cloud transition. Choose a migration partner who will provide full assistance in debugging and resolving issues after the migration.

365SOLUTIONS provides certified, and industry experienced professionals for maximizing full benefits of cloud migration for your business. Approach us to identify why we are the right partner for your cloud transition.


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