Benefits of Partnering with 365solutions

Office 365 is a Microsoft cloud service that has gained popularity among companies due to its cost-saving and production activation benefits. It offers enterprise-grade services to businesses despite their size, per user licensing that allows you to download and use Office on your mobile device when online and offline. While at it, your IT team controls all organizational workloads from one easy to use the console. Meaning that office 365 migration offers tremendous value to businesses. However, being a technological advancement, it is bound to experience changes and feature additions with time. Therefore, you need a strong in-house IT team or a service provider who specializes in cloud-related issues.

Why Partner with 365solutions

Setting up and Migrating

Before executing the migration, 365solutions team will examine your current email scenario and goals. This is an important move that determines the migration approach that suits your organization. As your IT partner, they advise and execute office 365 migration in the right order to ensure that they meet your organization’s vision.

Crossing the Technology Gap

Moving from one cloud service to another that has a totally different architecture tests your management controls, technologies, security processes and control measures. Meaning that you must understand how different security gaps should be sealed to prevent attacks during the office 365 migration. This may require extensive learning and may also be time-consuming. Hence, the need to partner with 365sloutions; you spare the time and resources you could have invested in learning. IT experts have the knowledge to seal security and operational gaps.

Enhance your systems Security

Despite spending a lot of time and resources on cloud security companies have to deal with cyber security threats and attacks daily. This can be solved by outsourcing your office 365 migration and management to established and infrastructure-rich companies like 365solutions. A highly experienced IT team knows the security gaps your organization may have and that may lead to detrimental cyber-attacks. They advise you on the right security measures to invest in order to protect your crucial business information.

Managing and Protecting your Cloud Infrastructure

Your IT department and environment should grow as your business grows. As such, our experienced office 365 migration and management technicians will assist you in resolving IT issues within the shortest time possible, offer 24/7 remote support and help you design the ideal IT strategy for business growth.

Summary makes office 365 migration and management easy so that you can focus on other important business management segments. Office 365 alone does not guarantee a competitive advantage over competitors. However, with the right partner, it becomes easy to comprehend and use. Hence, the reason why 365solutions offers more than just migration and management solutions with the aim of solving your business needs effectively.

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