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Companies and business organizations generate a large amount of data every day. It includes important things such as the company’s budget, pending payments, employee salaries, operational expenditures, purchases, sales, etc. Decision-making bodies need this data (business intelligence) to conduct marketing activities, interact with existing and potential clients, make exclusive offers and reduce costs. This article will focus on how Microsoft 365 and Business Intelligence Tools can help you better handling of your organization’s data.

As a result, many companies have started using business intelligence tools for data collection, optimization, etc. 365 solutions can take your business to Microsoft dynamics 365 business central platform upon your request. It will benefit your business in many ways. 

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is the most popular Microsoft Business Intelligence solution, combining SaaS, Cloud-Based, and Desktop capabilities. Data mining, exploration, and reporting are at the heart of Power BI. Power BI is mostly used to accomplish reporting jobs via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Power BI’s elegance stems from its near-limitless ability to mine data from a variety of sources. It can pull information from conventional databases just as easily as it can from newer SaaS frameworks like GitHub and Zendesk.

Azure Analysis Services

Azure Analysis Services is a PaaS solution from Microsoft that offers enterprise-grade data models in the cloud. It also allows you to host semantic data models and mix data from diverse sources using modeling features and powerful mashup.

You may use Azure Analysis Services to set metrics and safeguard your data in a trusted tabular data model. In addition, users can execute ad hoc data analysis using tools like Excel and Power BI faster and easier using this data model.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics is a comprehensive analytics platform that combines Enterprise Data Warehousing, Big Data Analytics, and Data Integration. You may query data on your terms, at scale, using serverless or dedicated resources.


Azure Synapse Analytics is widely used in areas including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and financial services, and it has customized capabilities for each business that help companies optimize their operations.

Data Integration Becomes A Hassle-free Task

As mentioned above, business organizations generate a lot of data every day. It is incredibly challenging to store, handle, and protect a large amount of data every day. Manual handling of data is always fraught with risks. Unexpected shutdown of the pen drives, laptops, and personal computers result in data loss worth millions of dollars. That is why you must introduce Dynamic 365 business central in your company. 365 solutions can quickly migrate your business to the Microsoft cloud platform in a few steps without causing any data loss. Once the data migration process ends, it becomes easier for companies to integrate data from different departments. Any authorized individual can access the data in an integrated dashboard, view statics, and generate reports in a few clicks. 

Use Business Central apps For Greater Convenience with Microsoft 365

Microsoft business central offers apps to conveniently conduct daily business activities from all locations. Today, business mobility is a reality, and all ardent business people understand its importance. Download Microsoft 365 apps from the Google play store and start taking care of multiple business activities from the small screen. You can see reports, sales, the incoming and outgoing flow of money, customer orders, the action taken by employees, etc. Microsoft apps will help you keep your business in running mode 24*7/365 days and earn significant profits. 

Microsoft 365 Will Change The Way You Work

Traditionally, working professionals spend time in offices and perform daily business tasks. Now, competition in the business world has significantly increased, requiring companies to take extraordinary steps to fulfill customers’ demands in the shortest possible time. Using Microsoft business intelligence tools helps you take the business on a reliable cloud platform. It will allow you to perform almost all business activities from the office, home, distant location, etc. You can’t enjoy leisure and freedom when working with offline apps installed on office computers or laptops. 

Reduced Risk To Your Business with Microsoft 365

A successful business entity always remains vulnerable if it is not protected. For example, suppose you continue working on offline apps with no control over employees’ activities and data sharing. In that case, chances are higher that competitors or cybercriminals will break into your company’s servers, steal important data worth millions of dollars, and cause tremendous losses to your company. Taking your business to Microsoft’s business central platform will reduce risks to the business organization. Your data remains safe on Microsoft’s reliable servers. Only an authorized person access the data and perform the desired work. 

Dynamics Business Central Stimulates Company’s Growth

All companies look for possible ways to increase employees’ productivity and boost sales up to a great extent. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that dynamics 365 business central is designed for growth and expansion. The tool comes with several features which you can utilize to process the request of a large number of customers in a short time, generate complex reports in a few seconds, quickly communicate with all employees of your company, and conduct other tasks comfortably. 

The good thing about the tool is that employees can work for the company from any location. It helps business organizations to expand their business in new areas without having any brick or mortar offices. The tool allows you to optimize the business cost remarkably and increase profit margins. 


Dynamics 365 business central has become an unavoidable necessity for companies who want to make rapid progress, serve many customers with little investment, and sell more products digitally. Call 365 solutions now to take your business to the Microsoft cloud platform. It costs only a few bucks but helps your business tremendously in the short and long term. Microsoft business central helps in data management, storage, protection, business cost optimization, sales increase, etc. 

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