Enabling the Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365

Enabling the Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365

Technology has reached a point where it has become the fulcrum of businesses as it provides them with the necessary tools to complete numerous tasks. Today, companies want to create a modern workplace as it provides the foundation to bring about a complete transformation.

With a modern workplace, every business can optimise all their operations, keep their customers engaged and inspire employees to improve productivity. In addition to these advantages, companies have the opportunity to use technology to evolve their business models, services and products.

With the higher adoption of technology, one would assume the infrastructure of the organisation will become complex. However, complexity is not good, as it hampers productivity and security. Businesses want to use solutions which simplify tasks, which make it easy to secure and manage. The result has a positive impact on user experience as employees find them useful.

Microsoft 365 is the solution

In the modern workplace, the expectations of your employees continue to evolve, the skills gap increases and you have to deal with distributed and diverse teams. As a result, your business has to create a workplace which is responsive to the needs of your business, employees and customers. Your business must provide seamless communication and multi-device compatible solutions while using state-of-the-art security to keep valuable assets secure.

The answer to a modern workplace in your business is to implement Microsoft 365 as it provides the best products and technology, including Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security. With Microsoft 365, your organisation has the necessary resources to increase the value for your customers and employees.

Here are three ways Microsoft 365 will help your business immensely:

Better mobility due to multi-device integration

It is a well-accepted fact that your employees will provide high-quality work when there are satisfaction and engagement. It is vital for your employees to use personal devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets to make this a reality. Thanks to Microsoft 365, your employees have the freedom of choosing from corporate and personal devices. It provides solutions which focus on security, making work easy for your IT department.

Microsoft 365 provides multi-factor authentication, which makes log-ins secure. Also, there are situations when your employees have to respond to emails outside the workspace. As your employees have to use personal devices, security is of utmost importance, which Microsoft 365 provides.

Improved employee collaboration

Looking at the current trend, the number of employees working from locations outside the organisation’s premises is on the rise. Technology is the primary reason for this trend, as it allows employees to become flexible.

Microsoft 365 provides your business with Exchange Online, a cloud-based service, which allows your employees to forward emails. They have the freedom to use personal devices and access this service from any location.

Similarly, Skype for Business makes it easy for your employees to connect with one another. OneDrive and SharePoint Online are two products in Microsoft 365 which increase collaboration among your employees. With them, the employees can access and share files across the board.

Migrating to the cloud becomes straightforward

These days, businesses are investing in cloud-based solutions, as they decrease maintenance and internal management. By using these types of services, your company no longer has to spend large amounts of money on suitable hardware. As a result, your business has more resources, which it can use to focus on more important aspects.

Microsoft 365 provides you with the advantages of moving to a cloud-based solution. It improves the agility of your workforce, maximises the efficiency of various processes and streamlines your systems.

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