How Does Cloud Computing Help In Business Cost Optimization?

Cloud computing has revolutionized the information technology world. Earlier companies needed to invest in colossal equipment, infrastructure, and technical services. Now, there is no such necessity- thanks to the cloud infrastructure offered by Microsoft. Today, business information is available just a few clicks away. Microsoft Office 365 allows you to enjoy several benefits, including business cost optimization. Let’s learn how cloud computing can help businesses in cost optimization

Business Operation Cost and Need For Maintaining Greater Efficiency:

Look at the chart detailed here below.

Business Details Cost (Estimated)
Equipment $10,000-$125000
Incorporation fees $300
Office Space $100-$1000 per employee every month.
Inventory 17%-25% of the company’s entire budget.
Marketing 10% of the total budget of the company.
Company website $40 per month.
Office furniture and supplies 10% of the company’s entire budget. 
Utilities Nearly $2 per square foot of office space.
Payroll 25%-50% of the total budget of the company.
Professional consultants $1,000-$5,000 per year.
Insurance $1,200 per year. 
Taxes Variable, 21% corporate tax.
Travel Variable


If you see the chart, you will come to know that you need a significant amount of money to run your business every day. Suppose you cannot make sufficient transactions daily and sell products or services. 

In that case, it becomes complicated for you to arrange enough money for everyday activities. You are not the only business person looking to reduce the daily operational costs. 

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Business Cost Optimization: The Role of Cloud Computing

  • Conduct Business Via Microsoft Cloud

Cost-saving: up to 60%

When your business is on the Microsoft cloud platform, you or your employees can access the company’s data in a few seconds. There is no need to visit the office anymore or carry external data storage devices and USB drives. Microsoft cloud infrastructure provides universal access to all files (of your company).

You can conduct all business activities from anywhere in the world 24*7. This allows companies to reduce the cost of maintaining a costly office space. During Covid-19, most IT professionals worked from home- thanks to Microsoft cloud infrastructure. 

Many companies and employees wish to continue working from home. It is beneficial for both employees and companies to work in this mode. 

  • A Sharp Improvement in Employee’s Performance.

Higher employee productivity- up to 40%

Microsoft cloud storage frees staff from taking care of IT infrastructure and dealing with the problem of network failures. Everything related to the business is available on a simple integrated Microsoft homepage. 

Using Microsoft cloud infrastructure allows your employees to-

  • Create essential files and reports conveniently,
  • Communicate with team members,
  • Share important data, 
  • Get more insights about multiple customers,
  • Conduct personalized marketing activities. 

One employee can perform numerous tasks and contribute to the company’s growth. 

  • Automatic Data backup 

Cost Saving: $2–4 per GB/month 

The sad truth is that many companies still store sensitive and high-value business information on hard drives. The sudden loss of several gigabytes of information can cause tremendous losses to the business organization. 

You have 2 different options to solve this problem:

  • Transferring your business data to the Microsoft Cloud platform or
  • Buying a larger hard disk (server equipment) by spending a lot of money. 

Most companies are more comfortable with the first option. They take their business to the Microsoft cloud platform by teaming up with Microsoft 365 Solutions. 

The main advantage of using Microsoft cloud storage is convenient access to enterprise information and reliable data protection through automatic backups. Remember that a hard disk upgrade is a temporary solution to your problem. Transferring and storing data on the Microsoft cloud platform is advantageous:

  • Automatic data backup to the cloud platform,
  • Free trial period for all,
  • BaaS (Backup as a Service) allows you to store an unlimited amount of data,
  • Easy collaboration with other IT systems for everyday activities,
  • Complete safety and privacy to the stored data. Only authorized persons can access the company’s data. 

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  • Accounting Automation 

Cost Saving: up to 15%

Previously, companies used to keep all reports in Excel. Several professionals had to work on the same Excel report to store, correct, and approve the data for further use. This cumbersome process often delays important everyday business activities. 

To reduce the accounting costs, be friends with Microsoft 365Solutions and take your business to the Microsoft Platform. This fantastic cloud platform will automatically capture all data and send notifications for-

  • Transactions, 
  • Incoming and outgoing payments,
  • payment deadlines, 
  • Mutual settlements of accounts, etc. 

You can see everything on a single page at the end of the month- employees’ salaries, incoming and outgoing flow of money, pending payments, etc. This makes accounting less burdensome work for cashiers and accountants. 

  • Zero Cost Disaster Recovery

A business is always an unpredictable thing. A disaster at an enterprise happens when “everything burns due to natural disaster, human error, sudden fire breakout, war, etc. The loss of information on a large scale can lead to the immediate termination of the company’s activities. Unfortunately, planning disaster recovery of the IT infrastructure is not included in the list of IT companies. 

Remember that the actual costs of disaster recovery planning can be significant — in terms of employee time, resources, and finances. If disaster recovery takes more time, you may lose more customers and profits. 

However, the introduction of Microsoft business intelligence helps in zero-cost disaster recovery. When you purchase Microsoft 365 subscription packages for your business, you may get a disaster recovery plan. Such a provision will help you to-

  • Restore the IT infrastructure of your company faster,
  • Ensure the availability of essential services of your company during the downtime of the main website, and
  • Avoid the need for hiring IT professionals for data recovery.

Concluding Remarks

Cost optimization is one of the main reasons the business community is rapidly turning to dynamic business central. If you use the cloud infrastructure carefully, it can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of a company. So, don’t waste your time and take your business to the Microsoft cloud infrastructure facilitated by 365 Solutions. It will help maintain business efficiency and increase profit margins. 

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