Managed Cloud Service Provider

Every modern business needs effective management of their IT infrastructure. However, this requires highly efficient resources and management. Does this create a hindrance for your IT infrastructure? Recreate the concept of managing and gaining expertise on your computer networking and its complexities by collaborating with a Managed Cloud Service Provider – 365Solutions.

With ever-changing trends and technologies, it can be easier to manage these complexities when you have 365Solutions with you at every step of the way. We help you to implement and develop the best IT solutions for your environment to minimise costs so you can optimise your business at the same time.

Custom Cloud & Managed Service Solutions

Backup (BaaS)

Data and information are at the core of every business. Our hi-tech and expert level data protection features will protect your enterprise and also provide you with the necessary rules and requirements for your enterprise that will protect your intellectual property.


Infrastructure (IaaS)

Our software solutions will help you upgrade your server and hardware facilities anytime at a cost-effective manner so that you can continue running your enterprise in the most efficient way possible. We are always there to support your future growth initiatives and opportunities by helping you scale up and down accordingly.

Alerting and Monitoring

Our services do not only offer technical support but it can also help you create a healthy workflow environment. Our alerting and monitoring feature allows the employees of your organisation to be aware of the features of your environment including its health, performance, and functionality so that any problems can be anticipated and prevented beforehand whilst any re-occurring issues can be resolved quickly and with minimal disruption.

Networking (SD-WAN)

Network management requires a lot of time, effort and resources and sometimes can become an annoying bottleneck for any organisation. Now, you can free up your engaged resources in managing networks and let us do it for you in a seamless manner. We not only manage but also develop the right IT architecture and plan for you and create the best network management system for your organisation. With our SD Wan technology, we help you increase application performance multifold and also use existing bandwidth to improve network performance and to create a more secure network framework.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery refers to the restoration of critical data and systems in your business when it is needed the most – especially in events unforeseen or unimagined. Our disaster recovery services for your business will protect but most importantly recover your critical data in little to no time so that your business is not left vulnerable on these occasions.

Platform (PaaS)

Our technological solutions provide you with an entire platform of Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions to make your work effective, efficient, deliverable and easily accessible in every way possible in the organisation. Azure Cloud provides scalability when demanded and options to pay only for whatever is being used.

Office 365

By using Office 365 we get you access to uninterrupted features for emails, contacts, calendars and any other applications your business might need or that you want anytime, anywhere and on any device – without the hassle. Migrating to Office 365 on your own without proper management and expertise can be risky. Thus, our best people will always there to help you migrate seamlessly and easily.


All businesses are at risk at various levels from ransomware and malware attacks. Our security services portfolio offers an integrated security solution that will help your business to safeguard your systems and infrastructure – online and offline.

Every business is unique, as are your needs. At 365Solutions we will work closely with you to fully understand your business, your workflows, your priorities and offer you the best IT solution tailored to your needs and budget.

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