How the New Microsoft 365 Has Been Developed for Hybrid

Hybrid working has still not been accepted with open arms as it was anticipated. With time, as new and updated features & services are getting launched, it is expected that by the next decade or so, the digital transition will be global. But for now, enterprises still have their inhibitions attached to hybrid work. That is partly due to the lack of knowledge about hybrid work culture and partly due to ignorance.

IT industries like Microsoft are trying their hardest to raise awareness about how beneficial and fruitful their platforms can prove to be in a hybrid work culture.


What is Microsoft 365?

What if someone told you that a single centralized platform has integrated features that enable employees to call, chat, meet, learn, and collaborate—all in one place. In a hybrid work environment where people work online and in-office at any time, from any place in the world, it is imperative to have a technology that resonates with them and boosts their productivity. Along with enhanced employee experience and talent hiring, Microsoft 365 also entails seamless events, seminars, and even digital sales.

Why Microsoft 365?

  • Increases Predictability
  • Security of Cloud Storage and Access
  • Centralized and Seamless Communication: Decreased Chances of Friction
  • Fixed Costs
  • Reinforced Disaster Resistance
  • Pre-installed Crucial Apps Such as Outlook, Microsoft Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel
  • Automated Update of Apps and Security Policies

How Does Microsoft 365 Enable Hybrid Work?

With Microsoft 365, you can host a well-organized and updated hybrid work culture in the following ways:

Chat, Host Meetings, Make Calls 

Microsoft 365 lets you remove the barriers of space and time and allows you to chat with your colleagues & clients, host meetings, make calls, and all in just a single integrated platform.

Upload and Share Files in the Cloud for Hybrid Work

Uploading a file or a document in the cloud ensures maximized privacy and security. It can virtually be accessed at any time which saves time and reduces reliance on other members of the team.

Integrated Office Apps for Immaculate Collaboration

Other platforms and services by Microsoft can be integrated with Microsoft 365 which will ascertain that the work and transition within apps are effortless.

Link Calendars and Emails

In a way, linking emails and calendars will help set up schedules ahead of time and help accommodate the team member’s flexible work timings. It will also keep the team updated without having to inform them individually.

Improved Employee Flexibility and Thus, Productivity in Hybrid Workspace

One of the primary reasons for employees to shift to a hybrid work culture is that they get the flexibility to work at their comfort. This gives them freedom & accountability and increases productivity by keeping them focused.

Increased Efficiency, Lowered Costs 

Microsoft services enable the user to customize packages as per their enterprise’s needs thus saving them a fortune. Microsoft 365 also increases productivity while keeping the work streamlined and efficient.

Heightened Compliance and Security

Microsoft understood that certain top-secret data of the company needs extra security and privacy. Therefore, Microsoft 365 comes with a multi-factor authentication option under the new conditional access control policy.

Thoughts to Conclude: Future of Hybrid Work

Microsoft 365 is a business feature that no enterprise can survive without in the current work environment. No matter how conventional of a workplace your organization is, you need to adapt to the changes in order to survive in the digital age. When companies are taking one step each day to get closer to digital transition, you can do so too by visiting 365Solutions. Not just that, you can even contact the clock support and assistance team on +44 20 3880 1220 or for a demo or just a little doubt.

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