How Microsoft’s Acquisition of AT&T Network Cloud Will Improve 5G Prospects

After failing to take its 5G cloud stacks prospects to a fruitful conclusion, AT&T decided to move its workloads, 5G network core, and services to Microsoft’s Azure for Operators platform. This collaboration is predicted to be beneficial for both- Microsoft and AT&T. Microsoft, after acquiring AT&T’s Network Cloud technology can work on enhancing its 5G technology for users. AT&T can shift its focus from mobile network operators to the mighty hyperscalers.

Microsoft’s Acquisition of AT&T’s Network Cloud Technology

AT&T’s 5G core network runs on its Network Cloud platform technology. AT&T has strategically and very thoughtfully placed this alliance with Microsoft to let Microsoft Azure’s technology manage AT&T’s mobile network traffic. 

The decision of AT&T to shift its existing and future network workloads was multifold. The 5G core software by AT&T is the life and blood of its 5G technology network that is responsible for connecting IoT devices and mobile users to the internet, cloud, and other services. Azure for Operators will help AT&T in maintaining cost efficiency while increasing productivity. Microsoft’s large-scale presence will also allow AT&T to play it big by shifting its attention to fulfilling the users’ dynamic and ever-expanding needs.

Why is Microsoft Evolving into 5G Technology?

Microsoft has been keen to top itself in the battle for better digital tools for transformation. It has constantly been introducing various upgrades and innovations that were unheard of before. To fulfill the quest of providing the best for its users, Microsoft has jumped into the fifth generation of wireless technology or 5G possibility. It benefits the users in the below ways:

  • Network Slicing
  • High-speed connectivity, reduced latency
  • New and improved computing scenarios
  • 5G technology creates spectrum space for the connectivity of billions of devices that is currently missing 
  • Creation of a scalable, carrier-grade hybrid cloud model
  • Cost-efficiency

Microsoft’s 5G Prospects with AT&T

Cloud computation and cloud communication are key components that have single-handedly taken over the tech world. More so after the epidemic wave and put the people in dire need to find technology that will aid them in productive working from home. This has pushed cloud technology to be better and upgraded to suit the escalating needs of businesses. Microsoft expedited its 5G possibilities for the same reasons

Improved Primary Features:

For various industries, 5G technology provides the promise to alter the business landscape by allowing even the basic apps and features to run that were not supported by 4G. These apps will ensure added efficacy and productivity. With 5G, Microsoft is all set to improve the primary features of Azure and other cloud-dependent tools.

Better Speed and Service:

Given the complicated data, massive workloads & communications, 5G technology will ensure improved speed and better service dependability. In turn, growing effective innovations that are cloud-enabled.

Real-Time Streaming:

Where the current wireless networks cannot handle the latency with real-time streaming of big data and its analytics, 5G technology will do just that and more at a greater speed and seamless pattern.

Strain During Phone Access Reduced:

5G technology will increase efficiency in computing voluminous cloud data or virtual machine-to-machine communication on phones. This will come in handy in managing business round-the-clock with Microsoft.

Catering to Increasing Cloud Demands:

With its capacity to store, manage, and compute unmountable data, 5G technology is the best bet to fulfil the rising cloud computing and communication demands among tech as well as non-tech industries.

Conclusive Thoughts: Microsoft and 5G Networking

Cloud computing services by themselves have become obsolete. Their upgrades include the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and even the 5G network. As a new user, all these terms can be quite a bit overwhelming at first. But with the 365Solutions platform, you can come together to realize your business needs and fulfill them with Microsoft’s practical and productivity-enhancing tools and services. All you need to do is visit the above website or contact the 24*7 assistance and support helpline at +44 20 3880 1220 or simply drop an email at

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