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Microsoft Business Central Implementation

With any service rollout, there are risks and challenges to overcome. To minimize those threats, the industry has settled on fixed cost contracts for implementation. However, while this reduces the financial risks, it leaves other problems, which is why we go one step further.

While fixed cost implementation may be common across the industry, defining all deliverables beforehand, ensuring that all stakeholders are fully informed of the requirements and outcomes of the project before any implementation work is undertaken is not always practical.

In some situations, defining every deliverable is not possible. During the implementation process changes may be made to accommodate specific circumstances, and these changes are impossible to predict. That means they cannot be defined and set out in any contract. In many cases, this means providers cutting corners to stay within budget as additional implementation work is uncovered.

To accommodate these changes, and to ensure that the implementation is handled appropriately, we take a different approach that maintains quality standards throughout. We determine that requirements have been fulfilled and implementation completed when you, our client, is happy.

That means no cut corners, we get the job done to your satisfaction before you pay for the service. This takes the uncertainty out of the fixed price solution and maintains the quality of your implementation throughout.


Agile Project Management

Effective project management is essential for a seamless implementation process, and this is especially true for situations where needs change dynamically through the process. To ensure we respond quickly to emerging challenges and changing requirements, we adopt Agile Project Management techniques for our implementation processes.

By consolidating our solutions around standard processes wherever possible, we minimize risks, reduce overall expenditure and ensure maintenance and future upgrades are simpler and more cost-effective.

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