What Microsoft Cloud Will Offer Us in 2022

Microsoft is among the top enterprises that provide practical and productive cloud infrastructure. Additionally, Microsoft also provides a chain of services that add value to Microsoft as a cloud platform provider. Climbing positions in 2021 with its innovative new systems and solutions, Microsoft has a few new launches and some intelligent updates in the pipeline for 2022. Microsoft spokespersons have made it a point to bid adieu to 2021 on a cliffhanger. But experts and keen spectators were almost close with their anticipations.

Is Microsoft Cloud Just Microsoft Azure?

For years, Microsoft Azure has been synonymous with Microsoft Cloud. But Microsoft Cloud goes far beyond Azure and stands for much more than just Microsoft Azure. The Microsoft Cloud accommodates several other services under its umbrella. Some of these services are Microsoft 365 or Office 365 and Dynamics 365, to name a few. It also consists of the complete Microsoft Azure and its additional services.

Microsoft Collaborates to Excel Further

The fact that Microsoft has been getting into some very lucrative, mutually fruitful partnerships over the past few years is not alien to the tech world. Experts also predicted that Microsoft will continue to do so in the coming years to provide its users the best of the best experience.

As the pandemic burdened and pressured the healthcare industry, their downward spiral was nothing short of appalling. That is when the tech sector (read Microsoft) came to the rescue and ensured to share as much load with the healthcare industry and frontline workers as possible. Microsoft launched some intelligent business tools and excellent services that helped the frontline workers tackle the pandemic strongly.

To further this cause, Microsoft is collaborating with Nuance in 2022 for its expertise in the healthcare segment. Largely known for its speech-recognition technology, Nuance’s technology can be utilized by Microsoft for many other verticals.

Microsoft is also ready to take its services to the next level with 5G after acquiring AT&T’s Network Cloud technology.

What Does the Near Future (2022) Hold for Microsoft?

2022 might also be the year when Microsoft’s MetaOS strategy might see the light of the sun after being in the talks for so long. It is being branded as the ‘modern workplace’ with the magical touch of Artificial Intelligence. It could include revamped Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft Office.

Microsoft is also set to offer an upgraded version of its various platforms including Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure Data Platform, Azure AI Platform, and Azure IoT Platform.

How Does Microsoft Plan to Enhance its Offerings in 2022?

Microsoft has a lot of new products and upgrades in its pocket for the year 2022 where it plans to expand its target audience and become all-inclusive. Some of the products include Microsoft Teams: Mesh, Teams Connect and Loop, Dynamics 365, Windows 365 Cloud PC, SQL Server 2022, and Windows Server 2022 Datacenter: Azure Edition.

In 2022, Microsoft plans to eliminate some of its products and brands with subtlety. It has been working out an arrangement to replace the Office productivity software with its existing Microsoft Azure service.

The most talked-about among all the new updates and launches in the Windows Server 2022. Some very interesting, likely changes are:

  • Upgraded security against advanced threats
  • Secured-core servers
  • Virtualization-based security (VBS)
  • Azure Hybrid Upgrades
  • Improved storage migration, storage repair, and resynchronization

Ending Thoughts: Microsoft Cloud in 2022

With regular new updates, it might be quite a handful to keep track of services and tools provided by Microsoft. It might be even more baffling to choose the right service and product for your business needs. That is where 365Solutions comes to your aid. Along with helping you choose the right tools, 365Solutions is also the trusted Gold Microsoft Partner for cloud, security, data, and IT infrastructure providing you round-the-clock assistance and support on +44 20 3880 1220 or sales@365solutions.com.

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