Microsoft Dynamics Business Central


With a choice of cloud or on-premises based solutions, Dynamics 365 Business Central is the complete business management tool that connects your team to your financials, manufacturing and supply chain systems.

A system that grows with your needs, Dynamics 365 Business Central can start with a limited number of users for speedy implementation and adjustment, and then add users as you go seamlessly. Instead of using numerous independent systems, with Dynamics 365 Business Central you have one familiar interface for your entire business. Because Dynamics 365 Business Central is a member of the Dynamics 365 product line, you can integrate Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for complete end-to-end oversight or Power BI for advanced reporting.

Presented in a familiar way, anyone who uses Microsoft 365 every day will feel at home with Dynamics 365 Business Central, ensuring maximum effectiveness from the powerful tools it provides.

What’s changed from Dynamics NAV?


While Dynamics 365 Business Central is an evolution of Dynamics NAV, a tool trusted by over 160,000 businesses all over the world and supporting over 2.7 million users, it delivers even more for your business.

Using either a cloud installation or on-premises solutions, it takes the power of NAV and blends it with the visual familiarity of a new user experience. Using a Microsoft 365 style front end, it brings familiarity and ease of use without sacrificing ability, helping any organization enjoy the full potential of the solution.

With the scalability of the Microsoft Dynamics platform, it is a solution that grows with you, providing the power you need at all times. Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to manage the complex infrastructure while reducing the cost and time required, all while maintaining local data residency requirements.

A flexible solution that works the way you need


However you work, Dynamics 365 Business Central is there to support you. Designed for business today, it delivers the tools your team need in a simple, effective way.

Microsoft Outlook


A familiar interface and the tool that your team will use most often, Microsoft Outlook offers an easy to understand, confidence-building environment for users to execute ERP transactions.

From within the single interface, you can cover the entire process from quotation to invoice creation, all powered by Dynamics 365 Business Central. Set up vendors, create quotes, process orders and submit invoices from the Office 365 inbox for a seamless workflow.

Solutions for a mobile team


Dynamics 365 Business Central reflects the modern business world. We are no longer rigidly tied to one location; your team are on the move and need to work wherever they may be. With Dynamics 365 Business Central you have the ability to work anytime and from anywhere as needed.

This not only aids the individual but encourages collaboration across your organization, empowering employees to become more innovative and productive, benefitting the entire business.

Deployment Choices

All this power doesn’t have to mean complexity for implementation. To get up and running quickly, deployment to Microsoft Azure for a cloud-based solution provides the perfect answer. On-premises deployment to your own hardware is also possible, whichever fits your needs.

Azure is an energy-efficient solution that makes use of over 100 facilities linked together by one of the world’s largest networks. Each facility is highly secure and combined give confidence in data safety at all times.

Whatever the deployment choice, Dynamics 365 Business Central is a flexible and highly scalable solution that is ready to meet your business demands today and into the future.

Take control of your business


Covering finance and accounting, human resources, manufacturing and distribution, along with the ability to integrate Dynamics 365 Customer experience and Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one solution that brings the entire business into one management system.

This integrated approach ensures that the data you need is the data you have, without needing to consult serval independent systems and processes. It’s faster, more accurate and more effective.

The integrated approach also ensures the data you work from is up to date for every aspect of your business. A true, clear overview of the organization from end to end.

With a seamlessly integrated solution, there is no need for paper-based fixes or excel based workarounds, just efficient systems and notifications through one simple and familiar interface. With plug and play apps, integration with Microsoft 365 and the flexibility that brings, you have lower development costs and a solution that works on any device, wherever you are, any time you need.

What’s Next?


Many companies are unaware of the tremendous potential of a well-implemented ERP solution. But do you know a well-executed ERP could give you an ROI of up to 1000%!

However, before you commit to such a project you need to answer some important questions:

  • What is the expected Return on Investment? 5x or 50x?
  • What is the payback time? Six months or three years?
  • What are the risks? And can they be mitigated?
  • Can it even be done?

To help you with answers we offer a Proof of Concept and a tailored demo free of charge.

Please download our Proof of Concept guide for more information.

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