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Whether you are a large or small business enterprise, implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software on your network boosts efficiency, productivity reduces costs and streamlines business processes. Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems provide the right platform for business success by supporting all the crucial functionalities to facilitate a myriad of business processes efficiently.  The ERP software offers tools that represent critical business areas such as purchasing, financial management and control, supply chain management, sales and marketing, production planning and control.


Solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP



Manufacturing companies have always dealt with global market challenges while striving to remain productive by using resources and power efficiently. They also have to deal with shorter marketing durations, the flexibility of customer requirements and high reliability in regards to supply and value chains that stretch beyond manufacturing sites and company boundaries to international borders. To address this, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software transforms the way manufacturing businesses are run through simplifying the complex process with the help of in-built intelligence. This allows you to keep tabs of your production efficiencies and inventory levels. Additionally, it offers demand forecasts by putting together supply planning, production, scheduling and capacity requirements planning, among other business processes under a single cloud solution.


Professional Services

The professional services sector is by far the largest and fastest-growing sector globally. Notably, professional service providers have had their businesses profoundly spurred by the digitalization of society and economy worldwide. Meaning that digital services, physical services and products are no longer viewed as separate entities because they complement each other in a bid to provide new possibilities when linked with smart services. ERP Software by Microsoft is the game-changer designed to cater to all the professional service industry needs. It offers a wide range of features that help you to plan budgets, manage projects, connect with third-party applications and analyze your business finances effectively based on the most currently available data.



Companies in the trading sectors are faced by a diverse range of business challenges now than ever before. From the quick pursuit of new business and market opportunities to cost-effective product transportation and effective management of inventory levels, the challenges within the trading sectors are numerous and unique. Therefore, traders struggle to gain visibility over the supply chain without an all-rounded solution such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software. ERP Software provides control and 360-degree visibility over the supply chain in a bid to support logistics and operations excellence.


How 365Solutions can help you implement Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Every team member in our implementation team has an average of 15 years of experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Every team member has seen the evolution of the product from Navision to Business Central.
Our work starts in fully understanding your business needs by conducting a series of interviews, then put them into the user stories, showcasing a demo and providing cost analysis. The best part is that we don’t charge a penny for that (Proof Of Concept).

The next stage is the implementation phase, where we build the solution for you. In our work, we provide a fixed cost implementation with unlimited consulting and unlimited training of super users. And the best part you pay for that only on delivery.

Request your proof of concept today. You don’t have anything to lose.

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