5 ways to use Microsoft Teams For Daily Business Operations

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based application for Business or Enterprise Office 365 customers. It is one of the most popular products among IT professionals worldwide. It allows them to share files, send messages, hold audio or video calls, and work with 1,000 colleagues in real-time. 

In 2020, when covid-19 spread all across the globe, a large number of companies and professionals around the world used Microsoft Teams to communicate quickly and keep the business going as usual. It claims to have 270 Million active users worldwide. 

So, it is safe to say that Microsoft Teams is a viable solution that anyone can use. Today, we will talk about some creative ways of using this fantastic chat tool. 

  • Bookmarking Specific Content: Smooth Conversation With Co-workers

Sometimes, on Microsoft Teams, conversions become lengthy. Some IT professionals want to save specific chat content for further reference. There is where the bookmarks feature in Microsoft Teams comes to your rescue. You can easily bookmark any message or attachment in the conversation. Select a message to open a three-dot emoticon selection window. Click on the appeared icon and navigate to “save this message.” 

To access a saved message, click your profile in the upper-right corner and select Saved. A list of all saved messages opens. When you click on any of the messages marked with a bookmark, the entire conversation opens, and the saved message is temporarily highlighted with a yellow background. 

To remove a message from the list, select it or move the cursor over it, click Cancel Saving this Message. You can also cancel saving any message by hovering over it in the list and clicking the bookmark icon. 

  • Microsoft Teams Connectors

Not all IT companies and professionals use Microsoft Teams for communication. If you have just moved to Microsoft Teams and want to connect to other services, use Microsoft Teams connectors. You can use it to get messages from the web, RSS feeds, and even send content from various Office 365 apps to Microsoft Teams. Always keep in mind connectors are available in the Commands menu and are similar to applications. So, connect different apps with Microsoft Teams and communicate with foreign companies or IT professionals. 

  • Use Translation Feature

Microsoft Teams is used globally, but not everyone uses English for communication. It’s a reality that IT professionals in different countries use their mother tongue to communicate with co-workers. However, the problem arises when they talk to a person from the same fraternity who doesn’t know their language. This is where Microsoft Teams works wonders. It can quickly translate messages into different languages. So, if you communicate with people worldwide, start using the translation feature. Once enabled by the administrator, you can click over any message, click the three-dot menu, and select the default language translation. It allows you to communicate with an IT professional who doesn’t know English or your knowledge. 

  • Microsoft Planner Integration For Task Management

If you have access to the Microsoft Scheduler on a Microsoft 365 subscription, it becomes easier to use the task manager. It is recommended for all those IT companies and professionals who do not use a third-party task manager and need it for the Team. After integration, you can create a task from any message and assign it to any person. You can also “pin” the Planner app to any channel to make it more accessible with a single click.

  • Email To Teams

The integration of Teams and Outlook hasn’t happened yet. However, if you want to redirect any email to your Team, you can enable the built-in feature, click the Teams menu, and select Get an email address. It will then show a unique email ID that you can forward the email to appear in the commands. The configuration allows you to send emails to anyone, only to team members, from a fixed set of domains.

  • Video Conferencing

It is one of the main advantages of Teams. We all know that video conferencing plays an essential role in corporate meetings. You can conveniently make video calls using Microsoft Teams, share screenshots, and record important calls. To join a video conference, a person does not need to have Microsoft 365. Instead, you receive an invitation and join the meeting. 

  • Microsoft Teams Security Platform

Teams integrate with other Microsoft products to meet the required security requirements. For example, two-factor authentication and single sign-on are provided by Azure Active Directory using the OAuth 2.0 protocol. This means that account security is not device-specific, which is especially important for employees using the app on mobile devices and laptops. Additionally, Microsoft Teams encrypt all data during transmission and storage to protect it from unauthorized access.

  • Storing Data In Microsoft Teams

Information is a crucial asset of all business organizations. So, operational tools must ensure data security and protect its integrity. All data that you share in Teams, whether a file or a message, is stored in the Office 365 cloud services, part of the Microsoft global cloud platform. It is located in data centers in 63 global regions, which allows you to store Teams data depending on the location of your organization. 

  • Guest Access

You can embed people outside of your organization into your business processes. They can be consultants, vendors, or partners with whom you want to chat or collaborate on documents and other resources.

Previously, you would need to create accounts for external users identical to your employees’ accounts for such interaction. However, this approach makes it difficult to control and manage many different accounts, rights, and policies, which reduces the level of security.

Guest access allows users to invite anyone with an email address to collaborate on Microsoft Teams. This is the ideal way to provide external users with the level of interaction they need without full team membership. However, guests are limited compared to team members. They can only participate in collaborative activities such as joining an existing chat or channel, posting messages, accessing channel files, and sending files in discussions. In addition, limited functionality and a separate set of guest access policies ensure that control over Teams and their resources remains solely in the hands of administrators.

Concluding Remarks

Because of its excellent features and easy-to-use interface, many companies and business organizations use Teams. You can use Teams in different ways and keep performing various assignments smoothly. Introduce the Microsoft Business Intelligence tool to your business and enjoy its excellent benefits. Read more about how Microsoft cloud solution helps in streamlining your business operations here.

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