The Myths About Managed Cloud Service Providers


Managed cloud services refer to the outsourcing of IT management for cloud-based tasks and technical support to automate, regulate, and enhance your business operations. Although technology is continuously evolving, many small and medium businesses are still not fully equipped to effectively and skillfully monitor and maintain a cloud-based environment. Hiring a third-party managed services provider like 365solutions can help to deal with data storage, computing, security, application stacks, vendors, networks and operations of a cloud environment. However, for those who are uncertain of what precisely an MSP (managed services providers) is, and how it can influence business operations — these common myths are outlined below

One: “To meet the demands of the MSP, I will have to change applications to make things easier.”

By adhering to a fresh approach to IT delivery, it is a typical misconception that old applications and software are no longer influential and usable in the new hosted environment. The IT decision-makers need to understand and consider that lift and shift methods of previous applications into a safe cloud platform, making the same applications easily attainable on any device, wherever In simple words, this means you will be able to view and track the very same work, you would with an on-premise IT setup.

Two: “Managed services are too expensive and it will cost my business more than on-premise workplace and in-house employees.”

Some business owners believe, that selecting managed cloud services will increase company budget than giving the business an in-house IT. In reality, though, over forty percent of firms have decreased their yearly IT costs by more than twenty percent as a result of their decision to hire and use managed cloud services.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the ability to have enterprise-level IT without the job of hiring staff for training and supporting a full department is highly advantageous. Not only will these companies be cutting cost cuts on recruitment; they will also be keeping up-to-date with today’s fast-paced technology. Managed cloud services help put the business at a competitive advantage, instead of lagging behind your rivals. Licensing, hardware, and support is taken care of within one scalable monthly installment. It is quite evident to see, how cost savings are achievable through the implementation of cloud technologies.

Three: “MSP is advanced, yes, but not really significant for my business.”

A lot of smaller companies are hesitant to even consider and delve into the digital changes that have been revolutionizing the methods with which we go about every single day.

The cutting-edge software’s from years ago are now considered slow and prone to security risks. As technology goes forward so do the methods employed by hackers to get business-critical information. It’s the company’s responsibility to protect, secure and manage IT without placing too much strain on the business resources.

Additionally, today’s employees and consumers won’t wait any further. They need to be able to access from anywhere and convenient for them too.

Four: “What’s the difference? All managed services are the same.”

Every Managed Cloud Service Provider is unique: With different cost models, partners, hosting methods, and security options. It’s important that those contemplating to choose a managed cloud service provider as an approach to IT strategy are fully able to provide and monitor the applications which are required to the company.

Small and medium-sized businesses have the ability to wholly configure and set up IT to get the most out of their services.

Five: “All IT solutions are pretty outdated anyway, so why bother?”

Information Technology should work in giving back your business. Proper management and handling should give your business the effectiveness and efficiency it needs. Only seek a trusted and reliable yet competitive MSP or managed services provider that help business productivity without hurting the company’s budget

Lastly, the skill set required to manage every technology problem encountered can cost a company a huge amount of money in terms of recruiting additional staff and employee turnover. It’s high time to delve into today’s IT changes and choose a reliable solution that is customizable to your business’s changing methods of improvement.


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