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 Interactive Business Intelligence tool for Data visualisation

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With the high level of digitisation and competitiveness in the market place, most companies are now turning in the direction of Business Analytics to help with critical decisions that affect the company.

Business Analytics applications empower companies through actionable intelligence to evaluate the state of their businesses. Business Analytics enables organisations to extract insightful and valuable enterprise data and as well as big data in the organisational flow for analysis.

Owing to the increasing growth of both unstructured and structured data, companies have seen good reasons why Business Analytics is the right tool to harness to stay ahead of the competition in the market place.

With the insights retrieved, establishments can make better decisions quickly. It also helps to automate decisions that affect the organisation. The solution uses a variety of approaches to implement this process. Every business analytics solution has a method.

Using Business Analytics tools, you can speed up the digital transformation in your company by applying this powerful computing application.

Microsoft Business Intelligence


Among many Business Analytics solutions, Microsoft power BI stands out as one of the useful analytics tools that have helped businesses make informed decisions through actionable analytics. It is a cloud-based analytics service for businesses. The solution allows users to have a single view of their most critical data throughout the organisation. Microsoft Business Intelligence solution works by connecting many data sources, simplify data preparation and provide quick analysis.

The result of the analysis is produced in an easy to understand report that is then later published for your establishment and made available on different devices for customers to have unrestricted access.

 Organisations can consistently monitor the health of their businesses using the Business Intelligence tool from Microsoft. With its intuitive dashboard and informative reports, Power Bi gives you a formidable tool you can access on any device whether desktop or on mobile.

Your Entire Business on A Single Dashboard

Intuitiveness and simplicity describe the dashboard of Power BI. Know exactly where your business stands. With the Power BI dashboard, you can monitor your business’ main metrics. Do you have your data stored in Excel spreadsheets or databases located on your business premise?  Regardless of the form, your data is made or the location where you have them, the Power BI dashboards enables you to have a clear view of the core metrics. With Power BI dashboard, you discover problems quickly and make moves to get them solved immediately.

Generate Amazing Interactive Reports

Power BI provides you with amazing Interactive Reports. Anyone can easily relate to the reports. Accessing the reports has nothing to do with the number of individuals on the system.

Frequently Analysis across Your Organization

Power BI provides you with a tool with SQL Server Analysis Services. With this, you can develop tough and reusable models on your data to ensure steadiness across analysis and reporting in your organisation.

 Using Power BI Groups, you can collaborate effectively with major stakeholders of the company to make sure everybody makes use of the right data. Power BI puts before your team the ability to make quick and reliable decisions with only a single view of the business with the dashboard tool.


Embed Business Intelligence and Analytics within Your Apps

With the provisions of the Power BI Embedded service, you can access interactive reports using your app. Get this done by using Power BI’s open source REST API to integrate Power BI with your service or application. With the integration, you can deliver your solution much quickly while you concentrate on your main values.

You won’t know how well your organisation is performing until a proper analysis of significant data is carried out by using industry-proven tools.

It is not surprising that data is created by different means in today’s world. Social media channels, sensors, buying transactions, pictures, big data from businesses, among other channels, have increasingly generated useful data for analysis.

All helps organisations analyse the data to produce actionable insights. Currently, business analytics is an intelligent tool that will continue to grow at an exponential rate. With Power BI, it is expected that the innovative design will continually see new upgrades and improvements to meet the dynamics of today’s ever growing business environment.b

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