Setting the New High in Business Service Delivery with Microsoft Cloud Solution

The Microsoft cloud solution has completely set new standards for business operations all over the world. In fact, one would easily think it is the global village that was unveiled before it actually got released. Businesses today do not have to pay recurrent costs such as billing, technical support, and customer service. If you still have your on-premise server, it is time to pack it nicely and send it to the archives as a learning tool for the generations to come. And this will also create more room in the office, through what was previously the server room.

But amidst all this hype regarding Microsoft cloud solutions, what does cloud computing really mean? Without using complicated jargon, it is the provision of computing services through the internet. The internet is what is referred to as? the cloud? in this instance. Computing services constitute things such as servers, analytics, databases, software, storage, networking and so much more.

Taking a closer look at the above-mentioned aspects, it seems most businesses used to have an employee or even outsource those services. This means a swelling recurrent expenditure every year. Therefore, instead of having different employees to oversee those services, you can have all of them in one location, called the cloud, where those services are rendered almost seamlessly.

It would seem that cloud computing has already closed down many companies who used to reap big from offering the services, currently available at the cloud. However, what you may have failed to notice is that cloud computing has in fact, set a level playing field for all industries. Interestingly, you are probably using this superb innovation without your knowledge.

Imagine the number of times you have used online services in the following ways:

  • Editing files
  • Playing games
  • Listening to music
  • Watching favourite movies or TV channels

Those are just but a few examples of how cloud computing is playing key roles in making your life more fun. While the first services that came with cloud are hardly a decade old, it is perplexing and at times overwhelming to see the warm reception this technology is getting from budding businesses to multi-national companies, and non-governmental organizations to government departments. Today, for instance, most countries have integrated their tax systems, in a manner that allows them to effectively track down tax returns from each of their relevant departments. Thanks to Microsoft cloud solutions, tax evasion can now be equated hanging oneself on the hangman?s noose.

Governments are also using this technology to build new centralized national payment systems. This means that every government expenditure including salaries can be viewed from visiting a single network. You do not have to place a call from the U.S for instance, all the way across to Europe, Germany, just to find out how the government is doing.

The cloud also offers an incredible opportunity for people to come up with creative apps or services that can be used on the platform. And who knows, through such a partnership with Microsoft, you may have already started your journey to being the newest entrant in the Microsoft Partner Network.


Who would want to keep an on-premise server that is prone to several dangers such as fires and flooding? This is beside the costs it takes to maintain the server system. When it comes to executing such tasks, most businesses prefer outsourcing the services another company. Well, now you have a tool that can help you handle most of the critical businesses processes that accounted for major recurrent expenses.


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