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Asset Management Services

Bid farewell to the intricacies of licensing

Efficient asset management is vital for a company’s performance. It is possible to disregard what you own when software takes up to 31% of your organisation’s total budget. To achieve better visibility and complete control over your licenses, seek help from Software Asset Management (SAM) to remain aware of what you own and to make your software audits uncomplicated.

Making asset management a breeze

365Solutions offers asset management as an independent customer-operated tool or as a complete and comprehensive Asset Management Service. Our user-friendly, congenial SAM platform has both on-premise delivery or cloud options. Our License Manager tracks software usage from acquisition till decommissioning. It then produces an inclusive report regarding this information in addition to agreements, entitlements and ownership to present a clear and concise outlook of your current software portfolio.

Why our Asset Management is such a great idea

Minimise and control risks


Fulfil licensing requirement

Complete visibility of your software landscape

Track software usage to save costs

Stay calm during agonising vendor audits

Our Asset Management Service is a comprehensive, fully-directed SAM platform that can help you achieve complete clarity of your software estate and savings, which will convert your anxious energy to more productive thoughts. We can assist you in controlling license processing that can save you from tedious proceedings of license monitoring and management. We can take care of these complexities to help you focus on IT projects that contribute real value to your organisation.

365Solutions Asset Management Service| Advantages and Importance


Periodic reports (monthly/quarterly) can help you analyse and appraise compliance framework that can identify under or overutilization of your software and any other problematic concerns.


We apply our strong market position and vendor information to help you gain an optimised deal whenever you buy or renew the contract thus saving you costs


Our AMS undertakes the entire responsibility for managing and including all license agreements and contracts into the Portal that only you can access.

Maximised usage

We can help you use any surplus or idle software license in lieu of new orders or present usage to sustain better compliance according to the requirements.

What will Asset Management service help you to achieve?

Our compliant Software Asset Management empowers you to select a service portfolio that can enable you to realise your organisational and personal business objectives. Our premium and outstanding market position will ensure that you will work closely with one of the best asset management and software licensing company in the entire EMEA.

We can help you:

  • Cost alleviation
  • Risk mitigation
  • Cost avoidance
  • Cost containment

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