Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics Business Central?

Plan effective Budgets

Keeping track of costs can be challenging but using advanced reporting and planning capabilities within Dynamics 365 will help you keep to budget and deliver your projects in a timely manner. Get help on managing your resources efficiently through all-in-one system encompassing capacity-planning, invoice tracking, quote generation and order tracing against actual sales and revenues. Poor decision-making will become a thing of the past.


Elevate your Operations

Running a warehouse whilst maintaining quality control means tracking every single transaction, monitoring stock movement, designing and redesigning storage configurations and maximising warehouse layouts. By getting a complete overview of all these elements within one solution, Dynamics 365 can help optimise operational outputs and improve production that meets your customer demands.


Safeguard and comply

Keep on top of the latest privacy and regulatory requirements by using Microsoft’s state-of-the-art encryption and integrated methodologies and protect your customers’ data securely at every level. Maintain accountability by using auditing tools and shield your data from unauthorized access, cyber-attacks and loss.


Optimise your Financial Data

By connecting data from across different parts of your business, you will be able to get an overview of all financials easily and precisely, monitor the overall performance and as well as produce a wide range of reports for all your compliance and reporting needs. Dynamics 365 provides seamless integration between data capture, analysis, reporting, modelling and forecasting – all under one easy application.


Manage your Supply Chain

Using the latest intelligence protocols, you can efficiently automate stock-taking, establish accurate re-ordering, implement dynamic purchasing, maximise supplier recommendations, minimise penalties and delays, stamp out fraudulent procurement and increase sales and profits as a direct result.


Build a Stronger Relationship

Create a rigorous sales cycle and boost productivity by delivering best-in-breed value at every step of your relationship with your customers. By keeping track of your customer interactions, you can strengthen your brand and convert quality leads into tangible results for your business. Manage workloads and tasks so that you extract the most out of your employees’ skills and your business resources.


What’s Next?


Many companies are unaware of the tremendous potential of a well implemented ERP solution. But do you know a well executed ERP could give you an ROI of up to 1000%!

However, before you commit to such a project you need to answer some important questions:

  • What is the expected Return on Investment? 5x or 50x?
  • What is the payback time? Six months or three years?
  • What are the risks? And can they be mitigated?
  • Can it even be done?

To help you with answers we offer a Proof of Concept and a tailored demo free of charge.

Please download our Proof of Concept guyde for more information.

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