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10 ways in which migrating to cloud can elevate your business growth

Businesses are leveraging the benefits of cloud computing for decades to elevate their path towards business growth. Cloud services existed ever since the internet was born, but it wasn’t until years later that businesses started understanding the offerings. With the recent shift towards remote working, especially during the pandemic, everyone from small businesses to tech giants are adopting it and utilising the services of a cloud service provider

Here are 10 ways in which migrating to the cloud can elevate your business growth. 

Cost benefits

Moving to the cloud has enormous cost benefits. With the ability to store all their data on the cloud, businesses do not need to invest in hardware to felicitate physical storage. They can use a managed cloud service provider like Microsoft 365 for storing and sharing data. 

The initial cost to migrate may look like a considerable amount, but the ROI businesses derive from increased productivity and improved collaborations easily supersede it.


This one is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. When you migrate to the cloud, you do not have to pay for all the applications available in the domain. Cloud services like Microsoft Azure ensure you only pay for the services you are using, which can be scaled whenever needed. So you can mount the services as and when your business demands. Scaling is possible without incurring much cost and the hassle of physically upgrading systems.

Data security

Data phishing is growing at an alarming pace, and businesses are becoming its victim now and then. Hence storing your data in a safe space is essential. This is where cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 solutions come into the picture. 

A survey conducted by Deloitte reveals that IT executives consider data security and protection as the top reason to migrate to the cloud. (Source)

Higher Productivity

Cloud services give employees the autonomy to access, share and store data in real-time. It allows the team to comprehend and collaborate over tasks without any time delays. Employees can leverage these features to increase individual as well as business productivity.

Automatic App updates

We all are familiar with the daunting sight of systems and apps set on upgrade for hours, disrupting our work. If your business still experiences this situation, it’s time to migrate to the cloud and elevate your business activities. Cloud-based apps are updated automatically and do not require human interference, saving you precious time and human resources.

benefits of cloud service provider

Task automation

Technology is advancing with each day. While businesses are leveraging the operations, new and developing apps allow them to automate their tasks leaving room for more significant business activities. Tasks like social media postings, sending emails etc., can be automated and the time saved can be utilised for other things.

Flexibility in operations

Cloud services allow users to access data from any location. You can check the same file as your subordinate even when you’re sitting across the globe—the ability to access and share data in real-time allows flexibility in business activities. Businesses can collaborate with employees beyond their physical location, work for clients in different countries. This opens up a greater scope of scaling your business. 

Improved collaborations

We all know the struggle of sharing heavy files back and forth with the team members. The task is cumbersome and time-consuming. Cloud services are a perfect way out. It allows all the team members to connect in real-time to update and share documents, files, etc. Thus, this saves businesses an enormous amount of time and effort while ensuring seamless collaboration. 

Sustainable option

With the environment degrading day by day, planting trees and recycling paper won’t be enough to sustain the environment. Businesses need to instil sustainability in every sphere. With cloud computing, a company can take another step towards reducing its carbon footprint. 

Requiring less hardware, increasing efficiency and freedom of remote working will help a long way in creating a sustainable environment.

Reduce IT costs

Switching to the cloud can significantly reduce your IT management cost. You don’t need to constantly invest in setting up expensive IT systems or upgrading to the latest hardware and software. This will further help to decrease the overall running cost of the business. A cloud service provider has also waived the requirement of in-house IT consultants. They provide expert help for all your IT needs, thus eliminating the necessity of hiring an expert.

These are 10 ways in which migrating to the cloud can elevate business growth. From a small setup to large firms, every business can take advantage of these factors and leverage them for scaling up. 365solutions is a cloud service provider that caters to all the IT needs of a business. One of the UK’s most trusted Microsoft Cloud Partner; we create customised solutions to cater for your business needs.




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