6 Key Advantages of Cloud Computing

key advantages of cloud computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of IT services and resources over the internet. It came in as an attempt to overcome the barriers of traditional IT management. The traditional methods were not capable enough to sustain the needs of the changing environment. In this blog, we will explore the top advantages of this modern-day technology.

Here are the key advantages of cloud computing

Reduced Costs

Cloud computing is widely accepted by enterprises of all sizes because of the cost benefits it tags along. The technology allows businesses to reduce their operational cost significantly since the cloud works on the pay-as-you-use model. Now they do not need to splurge money on in-house storage equipment or applications. Also, since all the applications and softwares are now on the cloud, the cost of software updates, data storage, etc., is cut down. 

Although moving to the cloud does bring in an initial cost of implementation, but it saves enormous time and money in the long term. Hence, the ROI derived is ideal for businesses.

Flexibility & Scalability in Operations

Cloud is an off-site server that allows its users to access data anytime, anywhere. As a result, it brings flexibility to business operations. 

Cloud gives you the autonomy to divert your attention towards crucial business tasks without worrying about storage space or bandwidth. That’s because when you move to the cloud, you pass on this IT management to the cloud host. They ensure that enough storage space is available, you can upscale or downscale as and when your business demands, etc. 

For example- you can upscale your plan and add more users to cater to the increased demand during peak months. And then, once the market is back to normal, you can downscale your package and reduce your costs.

Automatic Updates

Manually updating softwares can be a daunting experience. First, you have to create an additional backup of all the data just in case things go south. Second, put all your tasks on hold for hours. This can cause more business loss than any benefit you’ll derive from updated softwares. 

But as you migrate your business to the cloud, you’re free from all this hassle. Cloud softwares and applications update and refresh automatically. It saves you your precious time and effort. The IT team doesn’t need to navigate from one desk to another for installing updates, solving related issues, etc. 

So it’s a win-win for all.

key advantages of cloud computing

Improved Collaboration

Cloud computing is a blessing for all businesses. Some love it because it allows them to connect with their team from remote locations. Others appreciate that they can share and access all the files and documents in real-time at a single location. 

Cloud technology ensures employees move beyond physical constraints and efficiently collaborate with team members from anywhere around the globe.

Better Security

Data security is the biggest concern of every IT department across organisations. Phishing attacks, Ransome, etc., are on an all-time high and data breaches are happening left and right. Now, the IT professionals are worried that if the data is not secure on-site, how can we ensure security on remote servers. 

The answer is that information on cloud servers are encrypted and require special access to decrypt. Only the owner of the data has the passwords or authentication access to the data. Thus protecting your crucial business information from unwanted eyes and keeping it secured. 

A study states that 94% of businesses experienced security benefits after adopting cloud technology. (Source)

Also, the cloud serves ensures help you to comply with the governments’ rules across nations. For example, Microsoft Dynamics 365 complies with SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 standards, ISO/IEC 27001, etc., and helps you avoid any legal repercussions. 

Disaster Recovery

Do you know, human error is the number one reason for IT downtime? Also, it is one of the primary reasons for data loss across organisations. One wrong click, and you can potentially lose all your data. Now, trainings and security check can help reduce the chances, but they are not a full-proof solution. Also, there’s little you can do in case of data loss due to natural disasters. Hence, cloud solutions have put in measure for faster data recovery. 

They help you gain access to lost data and reduce downtime. This saves businesses tons of crucial information and money.

Bonus: Environment Friendly

Changes in technology over the past decade or two have caused an irreversible impact on our environment. As a result, the consumption of fossil fuels and other resources rose. Fortunately, the technology giants noticed the problem, and now, things are changing.

Cloud technology utilises fewer resources like paper, energy, fuel, etc., for efficient functioning. Also, it has a lower carbon footprint than traditional IT activities. Thus, the cloud brings in another non-technical yet crucial advantage. 

Now, I’m sure you are ready to incorporate these advantages into your business. So get in touch with 365Solutions- the UK based, Microsoft-trusted managed cloud solution provider. We are a one-stop-shop for all your IT requirements. Visit our website for more information, or call us at +44 20 3880 1220 to get started.

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