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How to boost your sales using smart software?

Sales have moved beyond just pitching products and transactional purchases. It has evolved into a more advanced concept. Now, sales require a proactive approach towards understanding customer needs and the business environment. As tech takes over the world, the sales domain is not behind. Modern age software and tools powered by Artificial Learning are storming the field with opportunities to improve and tap on more resources. One such tool is Microsoft Dynamic 365 for sales, powered by AI. It facilitates sales by unifying data and business activities in a secure interface. 

Microsoft dynamic 365 for sales

Integrating the right software and services of a cloud solution provider can elevate your sales towards growth and profits. Microsoft dynamic 365 for sales is curated specially for providing a transformational sales experience with easy to use tools and applications. 

According to research, 65% of representatives look for easy-to-use, 27% for schedule management & 18% for data snapshot capability when searching for a CRM system. ( Source )

Club them with the expertise of a cloud service provider for achieving increased sales and customer satisfaction. 

Boost sales with Dynamic 365

Build relationships with customers

The business world is more customer-centric than ever. Building effective relationships with your prospective and existing customers can pave the way to success for your team since your customers have the power to become your biggest marketer.

Word of mouth is the fourth biggest method of brand discovery after search engines and ads seen online or on TV. (Source)

An effective CRM system helps boost your sales activity by ensuring effective communication, providing actionable insights and better customer engagement

Optimise sales cycle

Microsoft Dynamic 365 allows you to optimise each step of the sales cycle from prospecting to closing and follow-up. 

Intelligent software helps your team build an optimised approach for every step. Segregate and segment your prospect list, prepare a compelling pitch and present your business smartly. 

With the Al driven software, don’t miss out on any follow-up call or email and reduce the time taken to close the sales. 

Sales reps that use CRM software can shorten their sales cycle by 8 to 14%. (Source: Nucleus Research)

boost sales using Microsoft dynamic 365

Upgrade productivity

In this fast-paced world, productivity is the driving force of success. An organised team can capture more leads, convert them into opportunities and additionally derive sales.

A tool like Dynamic 365 boosts your business in achieving such matrices. Further, it helps to remove task redundancy as all team members have real-time access to updated data.

The team can coordinate efficiently amongst themselves as well as with the customers using tools like Microsoft teams. 

Your team can streamline actions and perform on the go with mobile applications and Microsoft tools. 

Enhance sales performance

Smart sales solutions like Microsoft 365 allows your sales team to optimise their actions and enhance team performance as effective utilisation of information and tools is the key here. 

Businesses that use CRM systems see their sales increase by 29% and sales forecast accuracy increase by 42% (Source: Salesforce)

Al driven tool, Dynamics 365, helps your team to filter and identify potential customers. The automated business process smoothens this lead acquisition process. It further reduces the cost and time involved.

Since the process is automated, low human intervention is required, allowing the team to focus on more critical tasks and enhance sales performance.

Dive into actionable insights


 A company’s success is defined by how well they convert customers insights to actions. Identifying key points that derive sales, most effective CRM strategies, customer interaction points, etc., are vital, actionable insights available in Microsoft Dynamic 365. These insights help your team define goals, formulate strategies, identify trends as well as tap on the new market.

In addition, integrating with Power BI will allow you to present insights in a graphic form. These are eye captivating and easy to understand, ensuring each member understands them well.

Ensure effective communication

Communication is the backbone of sales, providing a spine to your sales strategy. Distinct communication, through word and actions, define the course of your selling process. 

Integrating your emailing efforts with Microsoft Dynamic 365 software will help your team streamline their course of action. They can share real-time updates with the team members, track their steps and utilise insights to identify which strategy works for the business. 

Also, with apps like Microsoft Teams, you can coordinate and connect with your prospects without any physical limitation, thus taking your business global. 

They also allow you to share information and communicate effectively within the organisation for a seamless workflow

Implement Microsoft Dynamic 365 sales with 365 solutions

365 solutions is a UK based Microsoft cloud partner. Building on trust and reliability, we provide technical expertise and insights to amplify your business endeavours. 

Access to accurate sales forecasts, understand sales activity and advance your plan to expand your business plans while making a correct decision using real-time reporting with Dynamic 365. 

Our 24*7 dedicated support will assist your sales team at each step by providing training, implementation and tech support, product updates and more to foster your growth. 


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