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Sitting in your room and thinking of talking to your employee abroad? Have to take interviews for a company headquartered overseas? Looking for a quick file sharing medium across your office? Need to ask the team leads in your staff to join for a quick meeting?

Here is a brilliant solution – use Skype for business!

The modern era represents the changes in technology telecommunication sector has seen since the time of Alexander Graham Bell, when the first telephone was invented. Today, everything in telecommunication has gone digital, without wires our big boxes. The long-distance communications, which were earlier difficult or available at high charges, have now become easy and affordable.

  • The Skype alternative: Skype is one of the leading solutions for calling, conferencing, messaging and screen sharing of business-related data overseas. This PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) offers quality connectivity with everyone, on any device. It has come up with its business plan that offers a complete online business solution.
  • Additional features: There are many additional features that make Skype a must for incorporating the latest technology in your organization and expanding your business.
  1. Meeting Broadcast: You can quickly schedule, produce, and broadcast meetings or events to large online audiences. Also, you can connect to all your attendees through virtual networks, for an online event such as discussions, important notices, reviews and suggestions.
  1. Dial-in Conferencing: Your employees can join the meeting even if they are not connected to the internet by dialling up a number and listening to the voices over the call. This does not need the participants to have a Skype app installed on their phone.
  1. Video and Content Sharing: You may easily send and receive files in various formats such as pdf, docs, xml etc as well as effortlessly share videos on a screen that displays the upcoming workflow. You can easily share your presentations and transfer control to other meeting participants.
  1. Flexibility: You can join on any device, personal computer, Mac, Tablet or Phone – iOS, Android & Windows. Also, the participants can join anonymously from a web browser or mobile app.
  • Easy and Affordable Services: The users of PSTN in the form of Skype calling need to pay the nominal charges depending on the opted plan. They can access and share the connection among many users within their organization. This prevents the users from excessive charges for long distance communication via ISD.

Skype, being of the most famous communication platforms all over the world, enable users from any global location with Internet access to utilize all its benefits. Its services for business use have recently brought a great change in the economies of organizations. This is especially true in cases where a business looks forward to outsourcing its software development and hiring freelancers for their work. There’s a great importance of real-time voice communication for establishing strong ties.

With innumerous advantages and specially designed features for business solutions, Skype is undoubtedly an essential communication tool.

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