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How Businesses Thrived with Microsoft Azure in the Post-Pandemic World


Over the last two decades, cloud computing has played the most significant role in bringing a digital transformation to business and industry. In the previous two years, it has redoubled its significance for office operations. The Pandemic gave a sudden boost to the already growing demands of cloud-based services. A report says that the revenue growth for the cloud computing service Microsoft Azure was 48% by September 2020, way more than the Wall Street estimates (43.5%).

The adoption of cloud managed services like Microsoft Azure is a key to achieve a sustainable business model.


What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure initially called Windows Azure, is Microsoft’s flagship public cloud computing service. It offers a host of services like computing, networking, storage and analytics to develop new applications or help run the existing ones. The four primary cloud services that Microsoft Azure provides are:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • PaaS (platform as a Service)
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Serverless Computing

Use Cases of Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Cloud support helps businesses simplify their operations, manage time and save operational costs better.

Microsoft Azure supported services have several use cases:

  • Running multiple VMs on the cloud
  • Computing and building apps
  • Hosts databases on cloud (serverless relational databases like Azure SQL and non-relational databases like NoSQL)
  • AI and machine learning assistance; build and deploy machine learning services and create bots across channels
  • Offer IoT solutions to hosted platforms
  • Data storage, security and backup

Why should Businesses Embrace Azure in the Post Covid World

With the Covid outbreak, organisations had to shut down, keeping their employees’ safety in mind. Closing down the office, however, is not the same as stagnation of work. And to put this thought to practical application, cloud services emerged as the virtual vigilante to save the world!

There are multiple reasons why businesses should switch to cloud computing, but the most significant one is sustainability. During the initial days of the Pandemic, many organisations took time to acclimatise with the ‘new normal’ and embrace the virtual shift. On the other hand, organisations already on the cloud did not have to halt their office operations even for one day.

Let us see how Microsoft Azure support kept businesses buoyant in the post-pandemic world:

1.  A Modern Office with Azure

Modern office infrastructure is the demand of the hour for better team management and collaboration. According to reports, the number of active users of Microsoft Teams has grown from 33 million in April 2020 to above 115 million by the end of the year. Microsoft Teams is one of the top services integrated with Azure. Besides Teams, other azure technologies like AzureActive Directory, Azure Multi-factor Authentication, Conditional Access etc., make your online office a smart workspace.

2.  Windows Virtual Desktop for WFH

Since the outbreak of the Pandemic, there has been an ever-growing demand for virtual desktops in the cloud. For security and compliance concerns, many companies were not ready to go fully remote as immediately as the need arose. Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure resolved this pain point giving companies more control over data and apps while allowing employees to access the same from remote work locations.

3.  Business Continuity and Disaster recovery

With this shift to the cloud, the prime concern is keeping data safe and secure. The BDCR solutions by Azure, like Azure Backup and Azure Data Recovery, ensure complete data security and recovery in case of data loss or theft. Taking backups on your data and recovering it in case of loss has been simplified by Azure.

4.  Cloud Management with Azure

As cloud adoption is proliferating, so is the demand for cloud managed services. Unfortunately, most companies lack a skilled IT support system. Hiring a cloud-managed service is less time consuming and more cost-effective than retraining employees to manage cloud-based services or hiring trained professionals. Azure managed services monitor and protect your cloud environment.


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