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Online backup is the need of the hour

Cloud backup is the need of the hour


More and more businesses are opting for cloud servers and moving online. And it’s obvious they’ll prefer to store business information online itself. Now, this where cloud backup comes into the picture. As a business, it is vital to have a secure remote place to store all the data. It has become the need of the hour because pandemic has moved the world to a remote setting. Hence, relying on physical storage has become a thing of the past. 

Online backups offer enormous benefits like scalability, low cost, automatic backups, more reliability, etc., that businesses can leverage during remote settings to efficiently safeguard their information. 

Benefits of cloud backup

Less Cost, More Scalability

Before cloud services came into the picture, business would have to procure and maintain huge devices to backup data. Also, IT experts were needed all the time to backup, restore and recover. All this involved massive investment and recurring cost.

Cloud backup changed the picture—businesses now backup data on an online server eliminating the need to procure and maintain hardware devices. Cloud service providers help them back up the data and provide login credentials to the business if they need to access any information. Thus companies do not require an in-house IT expert for these tasks. 

Also, cloud backup is a more convenient option in terms of scalability. Businesses do not need to purchase big devices or create a separate storage space whenever they want to backup files. They can conveniently scale up their backup requirements with a lot less cost and ease with cloud backup.

Easily Recover Data

According to a study, 93% of companies that lost their data for more than 10 days filed for bankruptcy within one year. (Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington DC)

A natural disaster, fire outbreak, theft, etc., there are hundreds of reasons you can lose access to your data. In the online mode, one wrong click can cause harm. In fact, human error is the number one cause of data loss in organisations. (Source)

Also, since we are working from offices, running to our colleague with a hard disk to obtain files is not an option. 

Hence, businesses must have an option to restore and recover their data without hassle. So, cloud backup is the solution. It allows users to access and recover their files, documents, etc., any time with a simple log in. So you can retrieve the lost information and ensure smooth functioning.

Infographic- cloud backup

Automatic Backups

The IT world has moved past spending hours, sometimes even days, to back up data. Now, with cloud backup, you do not need to worry about consistently putting manual efforts into backup data. You just have to set the time and frequency of backup once, and cloud services will do their job automatically. 

This means you do not have to hinder your work and dedicate hours towards this task. The backup over the cloud happens automatically without interrupting business activities.

More Reliable in the Remote Setting

84% of all businesses use the cloud to store and backup data. The numbers are higher for small businesses as 93% opt for the cloud to store and backup information. (Source)

These numbers depict how reliable cloud backup services are in terms of safety and security. 

Your business data is stored on the cloud after encryption and can only be decrypted after entering the password. Hence, providing a safe space for all the sensitive business information.

Keep Hardware at Bay

Hardware failure causes 40% of the data loss in organisations. (Source)

System hardware has become a lesser reliable option to store critical business data. One technical error, and you’ll have to run errands to recover crucial information. That’s all the more inconvenient during the pandemic.  Another reason businesses are moving away from using hardware is that they require huge investment and have a lesser rate of return than cloud services. 

Using cloud services allow businesses to freedom to operate beyond their physical location. Hence, all the reasons have encouraged companies to put away their system hardware options.


Backup your data with 365solutions


365solutions is a UK-based managed cloud service provider – a trusted gold partner of Microsoft for cloud, security, data and IT infrastructure. We understand how crucial data is for businesses. From employee records to sensitive financial information, every file is essential and requires a safe space. 

As a managed cloud solution provider, it’s our responsibility to recommend the best cloud service depending on your business requirements. We make it our priority to ensure you get the most efficient solution in terms of power and cost.

For anyone who’s not familiar with cloud services at all, we lay down a road map to get you started and make sure your organisation smoothly adapts to the cloud. 

Secure your information and start your journey with the cloud. Contact 365solutions to get started. 


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