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Microsoft Teams: The Future of Business Meetings

Microsoft teams- the future of business meetings

Microsoft Teams is gaining immense popularity in the business world. It added over 95 million users in 2020 and currently has 145 million daily active users. (Source)

Microsoft recently launched the new Windows 11, and one of its major updates includes integrating Microsoft Teams with the latest operating system. The integration is a clear indication of the booming success of the cloud-based unified communications tool. 

Competing with the likes of Slack and Zoom, Microsoft Teams was one of the fastest-growing apps during the pandemic. The collaborative app is expanding its array from being just a video calling tool. Today, you can use the app to share documents, hold meetings, chat, brainstorm ideas, and much more. 


Features of Microsoft Teams

The friendly interface and enormous features attract more and more users towards Teams every day. Moreover, the collaboration app helps businesses to connect and enhance their operational productivity seamlessly. Below, we have discussed some of the top features and benefits of Microsoft Teams in detail. 


Video Calling and Chats


Video calling and chats are the most crucial features of teams. You can call your teammates one-on-one or hold a conference call for the entire team with a click of a button. 

Microsoft offers numerous features to make video or audio conferencing more productive for organisations. For example- you can share the screen with just a few clicks, send and receive documents, work together on a document, etc. 

Moreover, Teams enable seamless integration of Microsoft tools like OneNote, Doc, Azure Boards, Power BI, etc. This allows the team to collaborate in real-time, edit files, and improve the efficiency of tasks. And to help you handle the work-from-home fatigue, teams introduced the together mode. Using this mode, you can create a virtual environment like a cafe or conference room that gives a more realistic feel to the event. 

Also, You can hold group or individual chats with other employees in the organisation. Every channel in the team has its chat panel. Members can send messages, share files and integrate hundreds of apps. 

Use the @mention to tag a person in group chat, reply to individual messages and send emojis and gifs. Chats are a truly comprehensive space for effective business conversations.


Teams and Channels


Microsoft teams allow you to form groups of employees in an organisation. These groups are called ‘teams’. You can create a general team with all the employees or specific departments like finance, sales, IT, etc. Whenever you create a team, a Microsoft 365 group is created automatically with integrated apps like Onenote, PowerBi and ShareNote. You can have upto 25,000 members in a team. 

Under every team, you can create separate channels for projects, discussions, etc. You can have collaborative discussions and chats with the members here. Also, you can share files and integrate apps for all the channel members. 

These channels are of two types- Standard and Private. The standard one is accessible to everyone in the team. Whereas in the private one, you have to add individuals separately for them to access the channel. 

You can create a maximum of 200 channels within a team, out of which only 30 can be private channels. In the private channel, you can add up to 250 members. 

creating a channel on microsoft teams

App Integration

Microsoft ensures that its users do not have to switch apps to perform basic tasks continuously. Thus, they allow you to integrate these apps into chats and channels effortlessly. There are over 700 apps in the store for you to choose from. 

These apps range from in-house Microsoft apps like Power BI, OneNote, etc., to third-party apps like Trello, WorkDay, etc. 

The Teams app directory is segregated into various sections to ensure seamless navigation. For example, you will find separate heads on the left-hand sidebar like project management, productivity, education, social, etc. This helps you to easily navigate through and find the desired app in no time. 

apps on microsoft teams

File Sharing and Storage

Microsoft Teams is a truly comprehensive app that ensures you can perform all the collaborative actions in a single place. Here you can share, download, open, copy, edit, delete files and even get a shareable link within a few clicks. You can also start a group chat over a file, so the team can hold discussions while working on them. 

All the files you share on Teams are stored in SharePoint Online. It acts as your online document library, and all the files that team members share in the chats will automatically get stored here. 


Microsoft Teams offers numerous features for businesses to leverage and build an extensive collaboration environment. An environment that enhances productivity and creates a smooth connectivity channel. If you have a Microsoft 365 plan, your organisation can use the tool without any added cost.

To learn more about the Teams or any Micorosft app or plans, contact 365Solutions- the Microsoft trusted cloud solution provider in the UK. For more information, visit our website or call us on +44 20 3880 1220.


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