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Microsoft 365 is an office cloud-suite offered by the tech giant- Microsoft. The SaaS solution comes with all the features of Office 365 and many more. In April 2021, Microsoft swamped over Office 365 and turned it into Microsoft 365 – a subscription-based with additional features.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Businesses

Microsoft 365 witnessed a massive boom in its user base in the past few years. Currently, they have about 145 million daily active users. (Source)

The familiarity with tools and friendly interface make it one of the top cloud solution in the market. A massive percentage of companies in the finance, healthcare and consulting domain have adopted this solution. At 82%, companies offering financial services are the fourth largest adopters of Microsoft 365. (Source)

Astonishing numbers, right? Now let’s dive in and learn the reasons behind these stats.

1. Work from Anywhere

Once you move your business to the cloud, all you need is a device and an internet connection to operate. Microsoft 365 offers the same autonomy. These cloud-based solutions are ideal, especially for businesses with employees working from remote locations or those who travel often. They can easily share and access files with the team members in real-time. 

Also, if your plan includes the desktop version of Microsoft 365, you can install them on upto five devices/ user. 

2. Subscription-Based Payment Model

The finance team absolutely loves this aspect of Microsoft 365. The cloud solution has a subscription-based payment model, so you pay every month for the softwares and applications you use. So there is no huge upfront payment required to start utilising the software. That’s another reason why Small and Medium-sized enterprises love Microsoft 365. 

Subscription plans help your business to keep the cash flow in check and plan your expenses in advance. All this without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Bonus: You can pause the whenever you’re not using it and save some money. 

Check out our Microsoft 365 plans, compare them and pick the right one for your business.

infographic- benefits of Microsoft 365

3. Secure and Reliable

Yes, we know everyone perceives the cloud to be unsecured and an unreliable space. But Microsoft takes optimum steps to ensure your information is safe and stored in a reliable place. 

They have the following security standards in place-

  1. SSAE 16/ ISAE 3402 Standards
  2. ISO/ IEC 27001
  3. ISO 27018
  4. Safe harbor

These standards and regulations are set up by the top regulatory institutions globally, like the European Data Protection Union, the American Institue of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), etc. (Read more about these safety standards in our Security and Standards blog)

Apart from this, Microsoft 365 solution has enormous safety features for guarding all your crucial business data. Some of them are- 

Advanced threat analytics– it analyses the systems to detect and alert users about any possible suspicious activity, scan emails for malicious attachments or links and prevents anything dangerous from entering your space.

Multi-factor authentication: Multi-factor authentication adds a layer of security and prevents unauthorised access to your information.

Mobile data management: Microsoft 365 goes the extra mile for your data. The feature of mobile data management allows your IT teams to manage information on your employees’ phones. So in case, someone’s mobile is stolen, the IT team can ease the data without procuring the device. 

4. Easily Collaboration & Communication

There’s hardly any organisation that doesn’t require its employees to collaborate and work with uniformity. For all such businesses, Microsoft brings in its collaboration feature.  Use the real-time co-authoring feature to connect and share word documents, spreadsheets or powerpoints in real-time with your teammates. This eliminates the hassle of share files back and forth, figuring out the latest version, etc. Seamlessly connect, edit and share.

Taking collaboration a step ahead, Microsoft 365 allows you to share mailboxes, calendars, contacts, etc. So, multiple members can access the same mailbox, ensuring no important email goes unnoticed. Access to calendars makes scheduling meetings, and team calls more convenient. And all the meetings and communication can take place on another Microsoft collaborative tool, Microsoft Teams. Teams now allow users to integrate apps like Zoho Projects, GitHub, Power Bi, etc., to make communication even more efficient.

5. Mix and Match Plans

Microsoft understands the fact that different businesses have different needs. Hence, they do not follow a one-size-fits-all formula. Traditionally Microsoft 365 have various plans for companies depending upon their size. To top it, you can add or substant features and tools as per your business demands. Thus, making sure you do not have to pay for tools you are not using. 

Microsoft 365 with 365 Solutions

Make the most of Microsoft 365 by partnering with 365Solutions. We are a Microsoft trusted cloud, security, And IT infrastructure partner. Our experts will help you migrate to Microsoft 365 cloud with no downtime. So, utilise our free email migration and 24*7 support service today. To talk to our expert, call us on +44 20 3880 1220 or email us at sales@365solutions.com

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