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Power BI- The Data Visualisation Tool You Can Count On

Power BI - data visualisation tool

Research conducted by the University of Minnesota back in 2014 says that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. To be precise, the human brain can process an image in just 13 seconds. (Source

Since it became obvious that the mind responds to images and visuals better than texts, it was wiser to include more visuals in business actions – thus, data visualisation came into the picture and it led to the formation of software like Microsoft Power BI. The tool simplifies complex and tedious business information into attractive graphs and visuals.

Now, before we deep dive into how Power BI can benefit businesses, let’s learn about data visualisation first.

What is data visualisation?

Data visualisation is the presentation of information in a visual format that’s easier to understand. Simply put, visualisation is like a piece of art; it speaks when words fail. 

The field of data visualisation is constantly evolving and has now become more relevant for businesses than ever.

Businesses deal with an enormous amount of information daily. Irrespective of the size, every company has to handle all forms of data to evaluate and derive meaning. Thus, with data visualisation, the task becomes more manageable; complex data can be formed into a single view format, say a graph or scatter chart. Visual representation of information can shorten business meetings by 24%. (Source)

The best part of data visualisation is that every aspect of business benefits from it. The research team can simplify complex data and understand it better, while the marketing team can show raw data in an attractive manner to prospective clients. 

Microsoft Power Bi

Power BI is Microsoft’s business analytics service tool. It works on the principle – “Find clarity when you need it most.” The analytic tool converts data into visuals to facilitate understanding and usability of complex business information. 

The data visualisation and business intelligence tool supports data integration, processing and presentation. Businesses utilise this tool to comprehend their information derived from multiple sources.

How can Power BI complement your business?


Power BI benefits for businesses

Power BI offers enormous benefits that can complement your business activities. There’s a broad scope for leveraging the tool, from deriving sales insights to simplifying customer data and employee management. 

Here we’ve listed some of the ways through which the data visualisation tool can complement your business. 

Quick decision making

Quick decision making is a crucial business aspect. It allows businesses to take the lead and tap on resources faster than their counterparts. 

Microsoft Power BI facilitates faster decision making by providing accurate and concise information on a single screen. The manager and decision-makers can quickly access this information and derive meaning. Furthermore, they have the flexibility to segregate data and quickly identify more relevant business information. 

Real-time information analysis

It is crucial for business professionals to obtain updated information for research and decision making. With Power BI Pro, you can refresh the data cache up to 8 times in a day, The number goes up to 48 times with the Power BI premium.

Personalised dashboard

The data visualisation tool has a rich user interface. It allows users to personalise their dashboards. As a result, they can add relevant information right on the main screen, making it more convenient for them to utilise data.

Also, there’s an option to share dashboards and data visuals with other teams members. Simply share the link to the dashboard, and they can access it with their Office 365 account.

No technical assistance needed

From integrating information to deriving results, the tools allow users to operate seamlessly without requiring any technical support. The software and its applications do not require complex actions. Hence, marketers and non-technical staff can also utilise it without any inconvenience. 

Keeps your information secure

Data security is the number one concern of businesses today. Incompetent softwares put sensitive business information at risk, making them prone to data breach and hacking of their servers.

Microsoft Power BI takes various steps to keep your sensitive data safe. End-to-end encryption, sensitive labelling, and real-time access monitoring are some of the features used for safeguarding data and information. 

Easy to use

Microsoft has designed this tool keeping in mind its feasibility for busy professionals. Since top decision-makers have essential task(s) to focus upon, they can’t afford to spend time learning complex software and applications. 

Hence, Power BI is their first preference. It’s super easy to use. Users can easily navigate through to find the required information. Thus, saving them their precious time and hassle.

Smart solution

Power BI is safe, easy to use and a smart business solution that allows multiple users to access information from various devices. The application is available on Mac (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows devices. 

Also, the tool is conveniently scalable, i.e. you can expand the usage and storage capacity as your business grows. Thus, it becomes ideal for small as well as big enterprises.

Offers constant upgrades

Microsoft has taken a proactive approach here to identify and improve performance upgrades. The organisations and its partners actively engage with the community and respond to the suggestions. As a result, suggestions and ideas proposed by their users are added to the product to enhance the user interface. 

Ready to include Microsoft Power BI in your business environment and upscale the activities? Let the experts assist you here. 365Solutions is a UK based managed cloud service provider. We are a one-stop shop for all your IT needs. For more information, contact us at sales@365solutions.com 

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