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Managed cloud services refer to the outsourcing of IT management for cloud-based tasks and technical support to automate, regulate, and enhance your business operations. Although technology is continuously evolving, many small and medium businesses are still not fully equipped to effectively and skillfully monitor and maintain a cloud-based environment. Hiring a third-party managed services provider like 365solutions can help to deal with data storage, computing, security, application stacks, vendors, networks and operations of a cloud environment. However, for those who are uncertain of what precisely an MSP (managed services providers) is, and how it can influence business operations — these common myths are outlined below

The Myths About Managed Cloud Service Providers

One: “To meet the demands of the MSP, I will have to change applications to make things easier.”

By adhering to a fresh approach to IT delivery, it is a typical misconception that old applications and software are no longer influential and usable in the new hosted environment. The IT decision-makers need to understand and consider that lift and shift methods of previous applications into a safe cloud platform, making the same applications easily attainable on any device, wherever In simple words, this means you will be able to view and track the very same work, you would with an on-premise IT setup.

Two: “Managed services are too expensive and it will cost my business more than on-premise workplace and in-house employees.”

Some business owners believe, that selecting managed cloud services will increase company budget than giving the business an in-house IT. In reality, though, over forty percent of firms have decreased their yearly IT costs by more than twenty percent as a result of their decision to hire and use managed cloud services.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the ability to have enterprise-level IT without the job of hiring staff for training and supporting a full department is highly advantageous. Not only will these companies be cutting cost cuts on recruitment; they will also be keeping up-to-date with today’s fast-paced technology. Managed cloud services help put the business at a competitive advantage, instead of lagging behind your rivals. Licensing, hardware, and support is taken care of within one scalable monthly installment. It is quite evident to see, how cost savings are achievable through the implementation of cloud technologies.

Three: “MSP is advanced, yes, but not really significant for my business.”

A lot of smaller companies are hesitant to even consider and delve into the digital changes that have been revolutionizing the methods with which we go about every single day.

The cutting-edge software’s from years ago are now considered slow and prone to security risks. As technology goes forward so do the methods employed by hackers to get business-critical information. It’s the company’s responsibility to protect, secure and manage IT without placing too much strain on the business resources.

Additionally, today’s employees and consumers won’t wait any further. They need to be able to access from anywhere and convenient for them too.

Four: “What’s the difference? All managed services are the same.”

Every Managed Cloud Service Provider is unique: With different cost models, partners, hosting methods, and security options. It’s important that those contemplating to choose a managed cloud service provider as an approach to IT strategy are fully able to provide and monitor the applications which are required to the company.

Small and medium-sized businesses have the ability to wholly configure and set up IT to get the most out of their services.

Five: “All IT solutions are pretty outdated anyway, so why bother?”

Information Technology should work in giving back your business. Proper management and handling should give your business the effectiveness and efficiency it needs. Only seek a trusted and reliable yet competitive MSP or managed services provider that help business productivity without hurting the company’s budget

Lastly, the skill set required to manage every technology problem encountered can cost a company a huge amount of money in terms of recruiting additional staff and employee turnover. It’s high time to delve into today’s IT changes and choose a reliable solution that is customizable to your business’s changing methods of improvement.

What to Look For In a Cloud Service Provider or Partner

Cloud computing will transform your business and make you more competitive. However, you must get the right partner for you to enjoy the numerous cloud computing benefits. Many companies claim to offer state-of-the-art cloud computing services. However, they leave you a disappointed client after you have invested heavily. How can you identify the best partner for your cloud computing services? Here are expert tips on choosing a cloud computing service provider.

Availability Of Infrastructure

Cloud services are remote and require full-time access. The provider biding to be your partner must prove that he or she can host your services by showing proof of infrastructure. This includes servers that are adequate and physically secure. It should be easy and natural to connect to the servers. Software security must also be guaranteed alongside requisite speed. Data encryption should also be a part of the package to guarantee security.

Customized Package

Cloud services differ from one business to the other. A professional cloud provider should prepare a package that is tailored for your needs. This will affect the price you pay for these services. It does not make any sense to purchase a package that is too small that it does not serve your needs. You should also not be forced to subscribe to a package that leaves you with idle capacity. The cloud provider must allow you to upgrade and downsize the package based on your changing needs.

Expertise And Experience

Cloud computing is fairly new and gaining traction in the market. The provider must provide access to highly trained and skilled cloud computing experts. They reduce the time of recovery or ensure that your concerns are resolved in the shortest time possible and amicably. With experts on the team, downtimes on the cloud will be reduced. The experts will also ensure that you have access to the latest technology.


The price you pay will be determined by the services you subscribe to. As mentioned above, professional cloud providers offer a customized package. Based on your budget, you will get a package that is worth the price. Ensure that you get value for money on the package you subscribe to. Reliable cloud providers offer trial periods or a money back policy if the services are not satisfactory. Negotiate a price that will not cripple your business.

A Comprehensive Package

Cloud computing is a wide field. To get value for money and an easy time, go for a provider who offers a comprehensive package. This includes software, technical assistance, security, space, etc. This will reduce the number of partners you will need to engage. With fewer entities interacting with your systems, they will be more secure.

365solutions.cloud is a cloud-managed IT services provider offering the latest customized services for businesses. The company partners with your business to offer unique services that will fuel growth and future needs of your business. You get access to highly trained, specialized and passionate IT experts that transform the technology aspect of your business. 365solutions.cloud services will release your business to exponential growth.

Cloud Managed Service Providers and their Benefits

Cloud Managed Service Providers provide daily IT support and management for all cloud-based services to automate and augment your business. It may be simply understood as an outsourced support system for your cloud-based services. It is a smart decision to allow cloud MSPs to take care of your cloud environment, as dedicated skills to maintain data security, prevention from data loss and minimal downtimes are required which the MSPs can handle efficiently. An extensive knowledge to support the multi-tenant or hybrid cloud environment is required for successful and stable execution of cloud services.

Benefits of using cloud managed serviced providers can be observed as below:

  1. Cost Effective: Cloud-based services may require expensive network maintenance. This would require hiring dedicated and qualified staff adding to the costs. In such a case, outsourcing the task to MSPs can be cost-effective, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Also, in case of disasters like network failure, you do not bear the cost or have to reinstall anything again.
  2. Expertise: MSPs are specialists in the area of cloud-based services. They possess the knowledge of the updated features of cloud computing and how to implement or remove them. They are, therefore, also your advisors who can efficiently manage your cloud system. The MSPs will carefully manage the interconnections between all the assets executing on the cloud and between your company’s data centres.
  3. Technology assurance: As you move to the world of cloud computing, you open the doors to future technology enhancements and upgrades. You need to stay updated with the future technology changes and requirements to maintain the productivity of your business on the cloud. MSPs expose themselves to the current and future technology requirements that would fit into your business applications.
  4. Integrated and customised services: Cloud managed service providers provide flexibility of payment and offer pay-per-service plans. Therefore, you can use your money on business needs rather than extensive expenditures on cloud management. The MSPs will offer you cost-effective solutions for network maintenance, security and protection and also, setup of a new service area.
  5. Infrastructure management and performance control: Cloud managed service providers provide a robust network infrastructure with continuous monitoring. They provide additional services like scanning the network for patch requirements, security maintenance etc. A comprehensive service level agreement with the MSPs enables stronger control over performance and service levels.
  6. Network service centralisation: In a cloud network the MSPs manage all the applications and servers communicating with each other in a central data centre. This also opens avenues for remote network access by users and data storage and backup possibilities into a central network.
  7. Third-party vendor issue resolution: MSPs also interact with the third party members, if any, to resolve any vendor specific issues. This involves technical expertise for negotiations and communications on the issues arising from their side. Automation of critical processes with controlled costs is also possible through MSPs.

Conclusively, this is why you should choose an MSP

People are curious to understand, what is the overall benefit of choosing cloud managed service providers in business terms? Precisely, the idea gives you peace of mind and protection from any damage or disaster, with continuous technical support, all at a reasonable cost. This is why; people find it much better than self-managing the cloud services and handling every problem on their own. With a chosen plan you can relieve yourself from the hassle of cloud management and focus your resources on business development instead.

365Solutions – Managed Cloud Solution Provider makes the migration to cloud highly convenient and more reliable, executed in a way that does not intervene with daily operations. The team of proficient and highly experienced IT experts supervises the migration process on behalf of the user. Amongst several clouds managed service providers, 365Solutions employs the latest Cloud services and solutions of Microsoft (Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365 etc) and others vendors to make provision for customised packages that cater to the requirements of the business model. 365Solutions works on building a roadmap for the business leading to technologically enhanced cloud-based solutions by making provision of a singular consolidated and cooperative system based on cloud thus enhancing the business sustainability and future.

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