What is Microsoft Start?


With technological advancement, we have arrived at a stage where missing out on information is impossible. The flood of information streaming through various platforms, chiming into our phones and systems, can be overwhelming. Not just overwhelming, it is also redundant. For instance, a banker does not need to stay updated on a new videography tool, or a baker does not need to get the latest updates on naturopathy. What’s the solution to control and filter this overlapping noise of information? In their fast track lives, professionals care most about updates and information that concerns their industry and skills the most. Here’s how Microsoft’s new news application Microsoft Start can resolve this pain point for the users.

Why Microsoft Start: Benefits

Microsoft Start is a personalised news feed application for Microsoft users. The service has a desktop and a smartphone version; it will be available as a dedicated app for Android and iOS users. It is integrated with many other Microsoft products, like Windows 10, 11 and the Microsoft Edge browser.


Microsoft Start compiles news feeds from the most authentic sources and publishers for the users. The news is presented in a customised fashion, prioritising the user’s interest. This customisation of information is Microsoft’s USP giving Microsoft Start an edge over the experience offered by competitors like Apple or Google.


This unique news update platform marks an advancement on the company’s existing news applications like MSN or Microsoft News. However, the company does not intend to cannibalise itself by replacing MSN with Microsoft Start. MSN will continue its service as usual.


How does the customisation of information work for Microsoft Start? It will utilise Microsoft’s AI advancements and machine learning together with human intervention for a personalised feed. The users can pick different topics of their interest by 

Key Features

How to Get Started With Microsoft Start

  • You can visit the standalone website MicrosoftStart.com
  • The website is compatible with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but not with Safari
  • You can download the application for both Android and iOS smartphones

The service will be available on the Windows 10 taskbar, and as widgets experience on Windows 11, It will also be available from the new tab page on Microsoft Edge.

What Distinguishes Microsoft Start

On the first look, the Microsoft Start website looks like any other news or information portal. However, unlike other platforms, you can distinguish between ads and news feed on Microsoft Start. For example, other news platforms often show pop-up advertisements that interrupt reading news content. Microsoft Start has a separate advertisements unit with a green ‘Ad’ badge to distinguish between news feed and advertisements.


Besides this, there’s one more unique feature that sets this news service apart. The users ghetto choose the content they consume on this platform. The easiest way to refine your feeds here is by liking or disliking particular content on the home screen. You can also hide a particular publisher if you are not interested in the content. In addition, the users can react to different stories using emoticons.


 The feed will carry information cards on various topics, including finance, weather, sports, traffic, etc. To keep the feed more personalised, Microsoft allows users to choose from the information cards. So basically, you see what you choose to see on this news platform.


The more you engage with the content of your choice, the more refined personalised your feed becomes. You have to click on the ‘Personalise’ button to get started. Once you start with the content you need, you’ll stay back for the stories you love.


Microsoft Start is a great new addition to Microsoft’s services. Its ready availability on different mediums and personalised content will make it a must-visit news platform.


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