5 Undeniable Reasons to Switch to SaaS

5 reasons to switch to SaaS

Software as a Service or SaaS is a cloud-based software licensing and delivering model. It allows users to utilise the software tools and applications and pay a monthly subscription fee in return. 

With the evolution of remote and hybrid workplaces, more and more businesses are adapting to SaaS. The SaaS industry is expecting to grow by 14.5% in 2021 and reach $126 billion. (Source)

So, if you’re not sure about making the jump, read this blog, and learn in detail five undeniable reasons to switch to SaaS. 

Reasons to switch to SaaS

infographic- reasons to switch to SaaS

Cost Savings

Cost is undeniably the most significant motivating factor for switching to SaaS. Contrary to the on-premise softwares, you do not have to pay a massive upfront cost to install the software on your devices. Instead, you pay a small monthly subscription fee to utilise the service. 

To utilise a Software-as-a-service, all you need is a device and an internet connection. Whereas for on-premise softwares, you need a proper set up of various hardware, networking channels, VPN and what not. Therefore, here again, you save a considerable amount of cost.

Another area for cost-saving is the requirement of physical space. You need ample space for setting up the hardware, IT room, storing backup devices, etc. All this requires a huge amount of money to be spent upfront and for its operation as well. On the contrary, SaaS does not require such a vast set-up, thus lowering your monthly expenditure.

Latest technology

Every individual and business has witnessed those long halts for upgrading the devices manually. After all, accessing the latest technology was not a picnic. While it gave employees hours of relaxation, businesses suffered immensely. If this scenario is still familiar to your business, you should read the next paragraph carefully.

SaaS tools like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 allow your business to access the latest technology with ease. They automatically update the applications and tools in the suite when a new version rolls out. Moreover, you do not have to put your work at a halt for installing updates. 

Imagine the rise in productivity and efficiency of operations. Now, that’s a compelling reason to switch to SaaS. 

Truly flexible

SaaS is becoming a synonym for flexibility in the tech world since it facilitates technology to easily adapt to changing business requirements. In addition, the onboarding and the offboarding process are also a lot simpler than on-premise technology. As a result, you do not have to make manual changes in the environment, saving hours of effort and considerable money. 

Moreover, the SaaS technology can be conveniently customised as per the business needs. You can add more applications or tools whenever needed and discontinue the usage after the requirement is fulfilled. This, however, is not possible with on-premise technology. 

First, the process to add customisation is complex and requires the investment of enough time and money. Second, the customisation is made to the current technology. So, whenever you upgrade your systems, there’s a higher possibility the customisation will not configure with it. Or the IT team will have to go overboard and again invest time and money to make it possible. 

SaaS saves you from all the hassle and provides genuinely flexible and scalable business software. 

Easy implementation

Implementing the software on-premise can take months, if not an entire year and more. Meanwhile, with advancements rolling out now and then, the software may become obsolete even more it is entirely set up for usage. 

SaaS overcomes this significant challenge. Depending upon the complexity, SaaS take just a few months, sometimes just 30 days, to go live. 

This means you can utilise the software right in time and serve your business needs. They are a true value for money proposition that enterprises can quickly implement and leverage. 

Minimal maintenance 

SaaS technology does not require any hardware repairs or maintenance. Additionally, solution providers conduct regular backups to ensure that information is available and accessed in an emergency. Moreover, they can effectively tackle downtime with the help of their large workforce.

On the contrary, with on-premise softwares, the in house IT team has to conduct special backups that halt the network and business operations. Also, regular hardware maintenance and repairs involve huge costs. Hence switching to SaaS is the ideal option.


There are enough reasons to convince every business and enterprise to switch to Software as a Service (SaaS). Now that you’re ready to adapt to the technology, connect with one of the most trusted cloud solution providers in the UK- 365Solutions. We offer customised solutions to cater to specific needs with 24*7 dedicated support. Contact our IT experts today and find out the ideal solution for your business. Call us on +44 20 1220 3890 or email us at sales@365solution.com


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