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The Industrial Revolution that hit Europe and the United States between 1760-1820 was full of socio-economic and cultural repercussions. As a result, the world saw machines replace manual labour. But, little did we know that one-day machines would also replicate human thinking until recently when we stumbled on the term Artificial Intelligence. In 1956, at a conference in Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, the term Artificial Intelligence or AI was born. AI is the simulation of human thinking by machines, especially computer systems. It includes expert systems, NLP (Natural Language Processing), machine vision, voice recognition, etc. Let us look into how AI features of Microsoft have enhanced the user experience.

AI Features of Microsoft

The Microsoft AI platform offers some powerful tools like Machine Learning, Bot Framework, Cognitive Services, etc., to name a few. These tools help developers to easily integrate AI capabilities in their applications for a smarter technical experience. Let us take a deeper look at the above mentioned AI tools:


  • Cognitive Services

Under cognitive services come umpteen capabilities corresponding to human thinking patterns. These capabilities come under the categories of speech, vision, language, knowledge and search. Cognitive services API brings AI capabilities within reach of the developers for which machine learning expertise is not compulsory. Moreover, enables the user to bank on pre-trained computer vision algorithms to identify facial features, celebrities, landmarks and emotions. The language capabilities can recognise voice commands, analyse speech, translate and spell-check for the text.


  • Bot Frameworks

Of late, there’s widespread use of bots by organisations. Bots are helping with customer service, solving product related queries, providing directions to tourists and a lot more. These bots are being used everywhere, from telecommunications to manufacturing, healthcare to the public sector. With the Azure bot services, one can create bots within minutes. Moreover, you can leverage the QnA maker to create a question and answer bot from an existing FAQ page. Using OCR cognitive services, Computer Vision , Text Analytics, and LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) go into making bots.


  • Azure Machine Learning

This is an advanced, end-to-end data analytics solution that enables data scientists to prepare data, conduct experiments and deploy models on cloud. In addition, it lets professional data scientists use known tools like the Caffe, CNTK (Cognitive Toolkit), Tensorflow, etc. It allows data science teams to create highly productive environments to augment their daily data science activities.

Office 365: AI Deployments by Microsoft

A number of AI features of Microsoft have been deployed on Office 365 have made working on the cloud a more collaborative and efficient experience. Following are a few AI capabilities that make Office 365 worth the while:


  • MyAnalytics

MyAnalytics aids in better organisation of work and enhanced productivity of the users. It is enabled with artificial intelligence and machine learning; its personal dashboard summarises your workflow. Besides, it also suggests ways to work more efficiently.


  • Microsoft Outlook

Outlook prioritises your emails and highlights your commitments with the help of your personal productivity assistant Microsoft Cortana. The Time to leave feature sends notifications with real-time traffic updates.


  • Ideas in Excel

By looking through trends, summaries and patterns, the Ideas feature assists you in understanding data. All you have to do is highlight some key data points and press the ‘ideas’ button. The feature will analyse your data and show you insightful summaries. This is a unique way of looking at your data; the feature thinks with you and shows the areas you might have overlooked.


  • Microsoft Powerpoint Quickstarter

The AI-aided Powerpoint Quickstarter makes your PPTs from scratch. Choose a topic, and Powerpoint will autofill an outline and starter images for you to build your presentation.


  • Language Translations in Word

The Office Translate offered real-time text translations to over 60 languages. The capability has been extended to Word for Mac. Mac users can use this feature for text translations, including 11 neural machine translations, which translate contextually like a human translator. 


  • Draft Sync

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can now sync your draft emails between multiple devices. This saves the effort of rewriting emails. Draft sync feature aids in switching devices without losing the trail.


To conclude, Artificial Intelligence has grown with leaps and bounds, so much so that it’s no longer the future but the very present for cloud computing activities. The AI-powered Microsoft applications can augment your cloud activities several times and yield highly productive results.


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