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Top benefits of outsourcing IT security services

IT security service

Google registered over 2 million phishing sites as of January 2021. This is a 27% hike in 12 months, from 1.7 million in January 2020. (Source)

The growing cyber threats have made it essential for every business to keep up a robust IT security system to protect their data. 

Using the latest tools and technologies along with employing the most skilled security agents is what it takes to build this security system. Now, this task is tougher for small and medium-sized businesses due to cost constraints and lack of efficient staff—this where outsourcing IT security services come into the picture. 

Third-party security specialists provide IT security services on a pay-as-you-use subscription model. This helps small businesses save thousands of dollars and invest them in core business activities. 

Here are the top benefits of outsourcing IT security services – 

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Businesses today require an extensive security network in place to protect all their vital information. But setting up this network requires a huge cost to be put in upfront and the keep up costs. And to top it up, you again need to invest in hiring and upskilling the best security experts. 

Spending such amounts may be feasible for large enterprises, but it is out of the question for SMEs. Hence, third-party security service providers come into the picture. 

They charge effective monthly/ quarterly fees and provide a robust security network. In addition, they have top security personnel who ensure top-notch security for your business data. 

Match up with the big players

The cybersecurity reports by Cisco show that 50% of large enterprises (workforce more than 10,000) spend a whopping 1 million dollars on security every year.

Small businesses cannot match up the in-house IT security systems of large enterprises. The cost of hiring the best personnel, retaining them with a competitive salary and inculcating the best security solutions is something they cannot afford. So, by outsourcing their security requirements, they can match up with the top guns in terms of security without having to pay extensive costs.

Available round the clock

Your offices may be closed on the weekends or in the evenings, but hackers are most active during those hours. They conduct most of their attack at such a time because the chances of getting caught are less. 

But once you outsource your IT security, the third-party specialists deploy their team of professionals to safeguard your business even at odd hours. These experts can provide 24*7 security 365 days a year. This keeps your data more secure and helps avoid potential attacks. 

Access to the latest technology

Did you know, a cyber-attack in the form of malware can cost a company $2.6 million? (Source: Accenture Report)

Every business, big or small, needs the latest technology to safeguard its information. Outsourcing security services is the ideal way to get access to it. IT is ever-evolving and bring in updates with a brink of an eye. While in-house IT teams struggle to keep up with this pace, third party vendors are well-equipped with the most advanced technologies. 

Once you outsource your security requirements, your business can also leverage these latest technologies. And it comes with the extensive knowledge of cybersecurity experts who can understand the diverse needs of your business and cater for them well. 

Focus only on core activities

As an entrepreneur, you have to wear various caps and take on different roles. Outsourcing a crucial task can free up your precious time. Once you have a dedicated team safeguarding your essential business data, you can let go of the stress and focus on your core business activities.

Also, as you save more cost, you can divert your finances towards other business activities. For example, you can invest that money to upscale your production, bring in improved technology or hire more competent professionals to run the business. Through this, you can derive better ROI on your cash. 


Outsourcing IT security allows businesses more peace of mind. They can leverage various benefits like cost savings, enhanced security, access to the latest technology, etc. 

Ar 365Solutions, we can help you make the most of the security features of Microsoft 365. Our experts can provide the necessary assistance and knowledge to leverage your existing licenses. To learn more, call our IT experts on +44 20 1220 3880 or visit our website today! 


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